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Winter Trail Access


The Squam Lakes Association aims to have access to the majority of the trails we maintain through the winter season. The following trail head parking lots are plowed throughout the winter thanks to the volunteer efforts of Rusty Rakes Maintenance, Riveredge Marina, and the SLA's Lakes Region Conservation Corps members.

  • Belknap Woods
  • Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest (both lots)
  • Cotton Mt.
  • Brooks Fisher
  • Old Bridle Path to West Rattlesnake 
  • Mt. Morgan
  • Col Trail (113 access across from Eastman Brook)

Make sure you're prepared for winter hiking by referencing SLA's guide on what to wear and checking out SLA 's gear library. Happy Hiking!



Closed Trails
Closed During Mud Season  / 

Rattlesnake Network (East and West Rattlesnake):

  • Old Bridle Path
  • Col Trail
  • Ridge Trail
  • Undercut Trail
  • Ramsey Trail
  • Pasture Trail
  • East Rattlesnake Trail
  • Butterworth Trail

Squam Range:

  • Mt. Morgan Trail
  • Mt. Percival Trail
  • Eastman Brook Trail
  • Brooks Fisher Trail
  • Doublehead Mountain Trail
  • Cotton Mountain Trail
  • Crawford Ridgepole Trail (all sections) 
Alternate Trails
Open During Mud Season  / 
  • Belknap Woods
  • Whitten Woods (excluding bike trails)
  • Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest - back parking lot closed but trails are open!
  • Red Hill - managed by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT)
  • Castle in the Cloudsmanaged by LRCT
  • Center Harbor Woodsmanaged by LRCT
  • Livermore Fallsmanaged by NH State Parks
  • Holderness Town Forest- managed by Holderness Conservation Commission 
  • Pilote Forest- managed by Holderness Conservation Commission 
Click Here to Inquire about Trail Closures or Call 603-968-7336