Water Quality Monitoring Volunteer Position Description

Water Quality Monitor
Volunteer Position Description


The Squam Lakes Association has conducted water quality monitoring on the Squam Lakes since 1979 in partnership with the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. Volunteers monitor an assigned section of the lake once per week during the summer months. The data collected contributes to the rich history of data collection on Squam.


At an assigned water quality monitoring site on Squam Lakes.

Key responsibilities

• Each week the volunteer will visit their assigned sampling site and take a secchi disc reading.
• Every other week, in addition to the secchi disk reading, volunteers will take a temperature profile and take a sample at their assigned site.
• On weeks when samples are taken, volunteers will return to the SLA lab to filter and process the samples.
• Volunteers monitor their site each weekend during the sampling season.
• If a volunteer is unable to cover their site, they need to inform the Outreach and Communications Coordinator, Rachel Coughlin as soon as possible so a backup volunteer can be assigned the location.
• Volunteers will report on the SLA website (preferred) or to the Director of Conservation by 8:30 Monday morning confirming that they have monitored their assigned site.
• Volunteers will return monitoring equipment to the Squam Lakes Association by October 15th.


Volunteers will:
• Be at least 18 years old
• Be available for either the entire water quality monitoring period (May 30th through August 24th) or at least half of the monitoring season.
• Have regular access to a power boat with an anchor.
• Having a GPS unit is a plus (optional) but we are transitioning to location mapping via smartphone.
• Demonstrate the ability understand and use all monitoring equipment.

Time commitment

Two hours per week on Friday, Saturday or Sunday May 30th through August 24th.

Training/support provided

• The SLA will provide all necessary monitoring equipment and forms for volunteers.
• Director of Conservation and SLA interns will provide training and support for all water quality monitoring equipment and procedures.
• SLA staff will communicate regularly with water quality volunteers throughout the sampling season.
• SLA staff will ensure that monitoring equipment is in good working order
• Director of Conservation will update volunteers on any important results from water quality data.


The SLA is enhancing its water quality monitoring program by going year round! We are going to begin recording what’s going on under the ice.  Monitoring the lake doesn’t end with summer and we need your help. We have 6 water quality sites and are seeking volunteers to lend a hand in collecting data and water samples from each. Sites need to be visited once monthly during the winter.

Get in touch!  We’ll show you what needs doing, set you up with a sampling kit and choose a site. Then it’s time to strap on the skis or snowshoes, or hop on the sled and venture out for some fresh air and quality conservation work. 

Contact Information


(603) 968-7336