Squam Watershed Planning Resources

We are now in the process of updating the Squam Watershed Plan. This page contains important information related to the plan update. Click here for more information on the Squam Watershed Plan.

Water Quality Goal 

This report summarizes the steps taken to determine a water quality goal for Squam Lake and Little Squam Lake for the Squam Lakes Watershed Management Plan. Partners, collaborators, and stakeholders worked together to review existing data and water quality model predictions to determine an in-lake water quality goal. The goal will be used to measure the success of the watershed management plan recommendations.

Water Quality and Assimilative Capacity Analysis

This report summarizes existing water quality data, estimates development into the future and the associated water quality impacts, establishes a water quality goal(s) and includes recommended structural and non-structural best management practices (BMPs) that when implemented will help meet the established water quality goal(s) for Squam Lake and Little Squam Lake. This water quality analysis provides a review of the available water quality data for Little Squam Lake and Squam Lake. These data are used to help guide the Squam Lakes Association and the Squam Lakes Water Quality Advisory Committee in determining a water quality goal(s) for the Squam Lakes.

Watershed Survey

Buildout Analysis

Online Visioning Session

January 2017 Plan Update

July 2016 Plan Update

Spring 2016 Land Use Planning Class Report

A graduate level land use planning class conducted stakeholder interview to be understand values and priorities of the watershed plan. A summary of the report's findings is available here.

Steering Committee Minutes

Watershed Plan Kick Off Meeting Recap

With over 50 participants, the update to the Squam Watershed Plan got off to a great start at our kick off meeting on January 20th, 2016. There's still lots of work to do and plenty more opportunities to participate!

1991 Squam Watershed Plan

Completed more than two decades ago by the NH Office of Energy and Planning, this plan represented a pilot project for lake management plans in the state of NH. A hierarchy for the 1991 plan can be viewed here.

A Summary of the Plan for the  Squam Lakes Watershed

A more condensed version of the 1991 Squam Watershed Plan

1991 Plan Recommendations and Actions

The 1991 Watershed Plan resulted in about 140 recommendations. This spreadsheet details each recommendation and the actions taken to achieve these goals. Contact the SLA to view copies of some of these actions including the 2000 Tributary Monitoring Study, the 2000 Squam Lakes Bioinventory, the 2001 Septic System Survey Data, or the 2002 Wastewater Management Needs Assessment.

Shared Waters Create a Shared Future for the Squam Lakes Watershed

This is a report from Plymouth State University graduate students who participated in a land use planning class 2014. The course focused on local town planning, identifying current land use issues and priorities in the Squam Lakes Watershed, and determining how a new Squam Lakes Watershed plan might be cooperatively developed. The class hosted a public meeting at the Squam Lakes Association to discuss past, present, and future land use issues in area towns and the Squam Lakes Watershed. Comments from the meeting are summarized in the report.

Watershed Towns Zoning Regulations Summary

This document details the zoning regulations of each lakefront watershed town.

Squam Watershed Report

This report is published annually by the SLA since 2013. In this document we have gathered the results of decades of study on Squam – water quality, loons, fisheries, boat counts, and invasive plant management – all to help paint a picture of health of the watershed.

Click here to learn more about the current process of updating the Squam Watershed Plan.

For more information or to get involved in the Squam Watershed Planning process contact the SLA Director of Conservation.