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School Group Programs


The Squam Lakes Association offers educational programs for all ages. We strive to provide information, activities and experiences that enable people to discover the Squam Watershed and deepen their connections to the environment. Through these experiences here on Squam, we hope that everyone will be able to make informed choices to act in a more sustainable way and thereby support the conservation of nature and natural resources as a whole. 

Do you have a school group that is looking to go beyond its current academic skills? We are happy to discuss new programs and ideas that align with our mission if you are feeling creative. Here is a list of program areas we offer:

  • Milfoil Identification and Eradication Methods—snorkel for invasives & learn about aquatic plants
  • Invasive Plant Management (both aquatic & terrestrial plants)—learn what an invasive plant is and then take action
  • Water Quality Sampling—gather real data while learning about sampling methods and how this data is used
  • Trail Maintenance and Building—get your hands dirty while learning how a well constructed trail minimizes environmental impact
  • Community Service Projects—e.g., grounds clean-up, trail work, campsite clean-up

We work with all age groups from pre-K to high school and beyond. We have worked with private and public schools, toddler programs, youth groups and scouting programs, as well as students from colleges all over the state.

Click Here To Inquire With Kyle Salmons About Group Programs