There are so many ways to protect the Squam Lakes Watershed!

The Squam Lakes Association continues to protect the watershed with the help of our community of volunteers. As stewards of the lakes and land, volunteers play an integral role in advancing the Association's mission to conserve for public benefit the natural beauty, peaceful character and resources of the watershed. 

Do you want to protect the Squam Lakes Watershed for future generations to enjoy? Take action by joining one of our many volunteer programs below. Whether you want to help out on the lake or in the mountains, there is something for everyone!

Volunteer Opportunities with the SLA:

Trail AdoptersHelp the SLA maintain its more than 50 miles of trails. Adopt a trail of your own, or assist a Trail Adopter for a morning or afternoon. By maintaining a well-cared-for trail network we reduce impacts to the surrounding environment and protect the entire Squam Lakes Watershed for future enjoyment. 

Water Quality Monitors- The SLA's rich history of water quality data on Squam Lake is the result of decades of work by a dedicated group of volunteers. Be a part of this legacy and help us monitor the health of the lake by collecting a number of parameters at thirteen sites across the Squam Lakes.

Weed Watchers - Assist with ongoing efforts to identify and eliminate invasive species such variable milfoil from the lake. Once trained, volunteers can survey the Lakes on their own, helping to protect Squam from aquatic invasive species. Participants can Weed Watch while snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or while on a motor boat. 

Loon Chick Watchers- Help protect loon chicks on Squam Lake. The SLA and the Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) partner together to build this program and train more volunteers to help protect chicks during the height of breeding season – July and August. For more information about the plight of loons on Squam Lake visit the Loon Preservation Committee's website

Special Events- The SLA hosts special events year-round to engage the community in our conservation efforts and relies on volunteer support to make it all happen! 

Resource Center  - Join us for some social time and catch up with SLA staff and other volunteers while stuffing envelopes for our annual appeal and membership drives! During the summer, Resource Center volunteers can also help greet visitors and provide a welcoming presence to our Association. 

Programs Support - Work with the education staff to prepare for seasonal youth programs, lead a hike or paddle, or help out in another way.  Do you have a special skill or talent that you can share? If so, please let us know! 


Are You Interested in Volunteering with the Squam Lakes Association?

Please complete the Volunteer Interest & Information Form below, or call (603) 968-7336 for more information. Feel free to also stop by the SLA campus any time during our business hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00pm.


SLA Volunteer Forms & Documents:

SLA Volunteer Handbook

SLA General Waiver & Release of Liability

Volunteer Hours Submittal Form - Did you recently volunteer for the SLA? Please help us keep an accurate track of your time and effort volunteering with us by submitting your hours each time you give time. 

Trail Adopter Hours Submittal and Trail Condition Report - Are you a current SLA Trail Adopter? Please fill out this form after you've gone out on your trail so we stay up-to-date on trail management and conditions! 

Weed Watchers Report Form - Are you a trained SLA Weed Watcher and do you need to submit a recent survey report? If so, please fill out this form so that we stay up-to-date on what shoreline areas have been surveyed for aquatic invasive plants!

Lake and Watershed Observation Forms- Did you find something interesting in the Squam Lakes Watershed? Use this form to report any concerns, oddities, or to request flora and fauna identifications. Your experiences and observations help us to better track watershed health and quickly identify concerns.

Community Service Group Information - Did you recently volunteer with the SLA in a community service group like a school or organization? If so, please complete this form and send it back to us! Your time is valuable to us! 

Volunteer Interest and Information Form - Interested in volunteering with the SLA? Please complete this form and send it back to us!