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Postcards from Camp

August 3, 2023

On behalf of all of the JSLA campers we'd like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to NH Fish and Game and Betsy's Park for giving our campers the experience of fishing. Betsy's Park located on White Oak Pond gives us permission to use their beach to host NH Fish & Game's Let's Go Fishing Program with each of our camp groups. The campers learn about safe fishing techniques, NH's rules and regulations, NH fish species, and then get to try their hand at fishing. For some campers this is their first time ever fishing and often they even catch their fist fish! NH Fish and Game also takes our oldest group of campers electrofishing where they are able to see the different fish species that live in Barville Creek that flows into Squam Lake. We are so grateful to NH Fish and Game and Betsy's Park for helping us bring the magic of fishing to our campers each summer!

July 18, 2023

Our youngest group of campers enjoyed exploring Smarts Brook on their hike day. They skipped rocks into the stream, balanced on logs, and enjoyed the sound of the babbling brook as they ate lunch. Some campers asked over and over again "how much longer until we are done?" or thought that they couldn't finish the hike but by the end they were all very proud of completing the 3.2 mile loop. 

July 10, 2023

What a great few first weeks of camp! We ended our Thursday travels to Bowman Island with a beautiful scene at sunset rock after a wonderful day of swimming and bonding. We started Friday morning with some yummy pancakes and fresh fruit to fuel us for our trip home on Friday. Before our departure, we learned about dragonflies and helped an injured one get back to shore. On our trip to swim rocks, due to high winds and big waves, we stacked our boats on top of one another to keep them from drifting. What an experience so far, and so much more to come!

June 30, 2023

Wow, week one of camp flew by! The Explorer camp group had a blast exploring the Boulder Path, Cascades, and Snow's Mountain in Waterville Valley. Multiple campers kept commenting on how beautiful it was and and when we arrived at the waterfalls everyone was in awe. It was just after a big rain event so the falls were raging and it was so loud down near the water. Some campers were not sure that they would make it to the top of Snows Mountain but with lots of snack breaks, water, and encouragement everyone arrived to the top where we enjoyed the views and stuffed our faces. After a nice lunch we made our way down the mountain and headed to town square where we set out on a paddle boat adventure. Campers had fun racing the boats and enjoying the peaceful pond. With big smiles we all hopped back in the van where we rocked out to tunes (or took naps) for pick-up at the SLA.

June 21, 2023

We are thrilled to welcome back 4 returning leaders and 2 new leaders! They have been busy preparing for the upcoming camp season. This photo was taken on top of West Rattlesnake after they learned about the importance of trail manintance and how that helps keep our lake healthy from Katri Gurney, the SLA's Director of Trails & Access. Throughout their training the JSLA leaders learn about the many facets of the SLA from invasive species in the watershed, lake ecology, water quality monitoring, to how to leave no trace while camping out on the islands. We can't wait to see them out in the field with campers sharing all that they have learned and of course playing lots of FUN camp games!

Meet Our 2023 JSLA Leaders

My name is Maggie Grant, and I live in Tamworth, New Hampshire. I am a graduate from Colby-Sawyer College where I studied environmental science, and biology. During the year, I work at the Sea Education Association, which is a program that teaches high school and college students how to sail on tall ships and how to do ocean research. Ask me about some of the sailing trips I have gone on. I can’t wait to tell you all the stories about my time sailing. I am certified in lifeguarding, first aid, EMT and CPR. Some of my favorite things to do are canoeing, skiing, reading, going for walks, and just spending time outside and on the water. I also love pizza, lemonade, baking cookies, watching movies, and hanging out with animals (especially my dog Tim). This will be my fourteenth year at JSLA, and my eighth year as a leader. I am very happy to be back as the assistant camp director again this year. Nothing compares to spending a summer adventuring and learning together on Squam Lake!

My name is Kylie, and I’m 16. I nordic ski, and run track and cross country at Moultonborough Academy. I love being outdoors, and I love listening to Taylor Swift.

My name is Jenna Lewis and I am a nature-loving teacher who works at an outdoor-based Montessori school in Plymouth, New Hampshire. My passion is working with children through outdoor adventure. I have loved the outdoors since I was a child and enjoy sharing that love with others. I graduated earlier this year with a degree in Psychology. I have led activities from mindfulness and yoga, to hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and camping with children. I have a passion for teaching about the environment and ecosystems within it, and educating on how we as humans affect them. I wish to further this teaching by starting small projects to make our impact on the environment positive. I love to travel and spend most of my time recreating in nature or with my adventure cats, Motley and Lylah. I am thrilled to be a part of JSLA camp and excited to make a positive impact here

Hello! My name is Andrew and this is my third year working at the JSLA! I am studying Biology in Union College in upstate New York, which gives me plenty of opportunities to pursue all sorts of outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking with my schools outing and ski clubs. Some of my favorite indoor hobbies are reading fantasy books(currently The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson), and playing survival video games(such as Minecraft and Subnautica). I have been around Squam Lake ever since I was a kid, even attending this very camp since Discovery, and have totally fallen in love with the region, making being a leader a dream come true! I look forward to sharing that love of Squam Lake with everyone in my group!

Hey, I'm Jesse! I have a deep love for the great outdoors and all the adventures it offers. Climbing, hiking, surfing, and camping are my absolute favorites. I'm originally from the Jersey shore and moved to New Hampshire 5 years ago. I am going into my senior year of high school. I made the New Hampshire U18 cross country ski team. I plan to ski and play soccer in college. I hope to have an amazing summer at the JSLA!

My name is Matthew and I’m super excited to be returning for a third summer at the JSLA! I love hiking swimming and many other outdoor activities. I can’t wait to once again explore Squam Lake with the campers!