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Pollyanna Fisher, Campaign and Conservation Strategist

Pollyanna grew up in Mexico and spent her summers on Squam, where she gained an early appreciation of the environment. She first joined the SLA as a Bio-intern in 2006 and returned as a Campaign and Conservation Strategist in 2023.

She spent most of her scientific career in Hawaii. She worked for the state’s Department of Aquatic resources, and in 2008, she joined the University of Hawaii Research Corporation working for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in coral reef environments focusing on marine acoustics. She completed her MS in Zoology while still working for NOAA. In 2012 she migrated to the NOAA Protected Species Division focusing her attention on baleen whale acoustic work.

In 2014, Pollyanna took a break from scientific research to focus on her young family, while continuing to work on personal projects and volunteering for environmental and cultural organizations in Hawaii.  All the while, returning each summer to our beloved Squam.

Pollyanna has most recently returned to Holderness after spending two years in the Seychelles, Indian Ocean. She has a passion for travel, culture and mushroom foraging and is looking forward to experiencing Squam year-round.

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