Northern Pass

The Squam Lakes Association is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to conserving for public benefit the natural beauty, peaceful character and resources of the Squam Lakes watershed. We are a member-based organization drawn from the communities of the Squam Watershed.

The Squam Lakes Association stands with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in their opposition to the Northern Pass power transmission project. We believe that should the Northern Pass be constructed it needs to be buried along appropriate existing transportation corridors in order to:

  1. minimize disruption to the ecology of New Hampshire,
  2. to protect the vital natural resources and view sheds that drive a major and indispensable portion of New Hampshire’s economy,
  3. to protect the communities near the transmission corridors.

The Squam Lakes watershed has a large amount of conserved land that protect this valuable and healthy resource. We are opposed to any activity that degrades the value of these, or any, conservation lands. The Northern Pass project, as proposed, will negatively impact conservation land and opens the potential to weaken the protection of all conserved areas.

We stand for the health of the Squam Watershed and New Hampshire at large. Until this project can prove that it will have no impact, ecological or scenic, and will provide a clear, long term benefit to the people of New Hampshire, we will remain in opposition.

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