Where's Woody? Geologic Mapping in the Squam Lakes Area

Geologic Mapping in the Squam Lakes Area with Woody Thompson

The New Hampshire Geological Survey is mapping the surficial geology of the state.  These maps show earth materials like sand and gravel that cover much of the bedrock, and which were formed by Ice Age glaciers and the recent action of streams, etc.  They are widely used for natural resource and groundwater studies, land-use applications, and for educational purposes in learning about the geologic history of New Hampshire. Mapping is presently underway in the Squam Lakes region and other parts of central New Hampshire.  During the spring and summer of 2015, SLA member Woodrow (“Woody”) Thompson is covering the topographic map area known as the Squam Mountains Quadrangle.  This area includes part of northwestern Big Squam Lake and much of the Squam Range mountains. 

Woody grew up in Holderness, worked many years for the Maine and U.S. Geological Surveys, and co-authored the new book on the “Geology of New Hampshire’s White Mountains”.  You may come across him as he drives the road network and walks the countryside to determine the extent and boundaries of geologic formations.  He’ll be asking landowner permission in places where the field work would benefit from venturing off the roads to look at soil materials, excavations, or other clues to what’s below the ground surface.  You’re always welcome to ask Woody questions about this work and geology in general. So if you see him out and abut say "Hi"

The results of his mapping study will be presented at a future talk for the SLA. Stay tuned!

                                          You can purchase a copy by sending Woody an email

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Woody Thompson