Weed Watcher Morning this Saturday in Cotton Cove

The SLA has been actively involved in invasive aquatic management since variable milfoil was first found in Squam in 2000. We've been logging a lot of hours, pulling a lot of milfoil, and making great progress, but we need help! Our SLA staff spends most of our management time pulling milfoil from the lake. We rely on a solid group of Weed Watcher volunteers to survey the underwater landscape for growth of variable milfoil and other potential invasive aquatic species. 

Our Weed Watcher mornings, held every Saturday morning in June, July, and August, comprise just one aspect of the SLA's invasive management program. Participants will join SLA milfoil experts for a morning of weed watching. After participating in this program, you will be a trained Weed Watcher, and can then survey the Lakes on your own, helping to protect Squam from aquatic invasive species. Participants can weed watch while snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, on paddleboards, or from a motor boat.

We'll be in Cotton Cove on Saturday, July 2. Meet at the SLA at 9am or in Cotton Cove at 9:20. We'll be on the big pontoon boat.

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For more information:

Contact the SLA Director of Conservation with questions.