Watch the Recording of the April 28th Squam Speaker Series: Ridj-it - An Outdoor Adventure Platform

Our Squam Speaker Series is held throughout the year on Wednesday evenings. Watch the recording of the presentation held on Wednesday, April 28th, to learn about Ridj-it. Carpooling with strangers to the woods was how the adventure began, but five years later, Ridj-it (pronounced “Ridge-it”) has become an entire outdoor adventure event platform where individuals, organizations, and businesses can post events and benefit from tools to help make their outings even better.

Hundreds of adventures, thousands of carpool rides, tens of thousands of dollars for charity plus even more for small businesses have occurred through Ridj-it in every state of New England for activities like hiking, biking, skiing, horseback riding, virtual events, and more. And the unifying concept behind all of it? Accessibility. 

Learn more about Ridj-it, why it’s pronounced the way it is, and how tech and innovation can drive accessibility to the outdoors for everyone.

Click here to watch the recording on the SLA YouTube channel!