Volunteer: Caterpillars Count!

Calling all volunteers interested in insects to participate in a community science project with the SLA! On Thursdays beginning July 21st through August 11th from 9:00am-11:00am join our LRCC members to conduct surveys on trees and record all of the insects and arthropods (ex. caterpillars, beetles, and spiders) observed. We will use a small sheet (see photo) to collect arthropods around the SLA campus and also record factors like leaf count, how much of the leaf has been eaten, and the type and size of each arthropod.

Sign up for one or all of the days. If you're interested in joining please email volunteer@squamlakes.org(link sends e-mail). Registration will close 24 hours prior to the volunteer day.

For more details and information visit our program calendar: https://squamlakes.org/calendar