Summary of Questions and Answers for the Watershed Plan RFQ

1. Is the SLA aware of any stormwater BMPs or green stormwater infrastructure practices/retrofits that are already in place within the watershed? 

Not at this time.

2. Can one proposal be submitted for both projects - Assist in the Development of the SQUAM LAKES WATERSHED PLAN – PHASE 1 and Build-out Analysis for the SQUAM LAKES WATERSHED PLAN DEVELOPMENT – PHASE 1?  If one submittal is permitted can the contractor still be considered for each proposal separately?

One proposal is fine. In this case, the contractor must specify they would like to be considered for both projects. The contractor must also state if they are interested in just one project if they are not selected for both.

3. Will the Association consider one consultant for both projects?


4. Are you looking for contractor assistance to be primarily an advisory/review role for most of the objectives/tasks except for Objective 7, which is related to the BMP work?

Yes. Staff at the SLA have the technical skills to cover many of the objectives and tasks, but would like the selected contractor to be involved in the process.

5. Have models already been selected for the loading analysis and would SLA primarily be responsible for developing the model/s and contractor assistance needed for running different scenarios?

The SLA is currently selecting the model they will use. The SLA will be responsible for developing the model and running different scenarios.

6. What is the timeline for project completion?

The grant agreement deadline is 3/31/2019. We would prefer to have the RFQ #1 (“Assist in the Development”) be complete by the end of summer 2018 and RFQ #2 (“Build-out analysis”) by spring 2018. However, we are willing to work with contractors on a reasonable timeline.

7. Is the available funding intended to apply to both RFQs? 

Yes. The SLA has both senior professional staff and entry-level AmeriCorps members that are able to cover much of the work for the watershed plan, including some of the build-out analysis work.

8. What is the size of the project area?  We want to be sure we have the correct towns that are in the watershed, especially for the buildout.  Is the Squam River Watershed area included?

The project area is about 36,600 acres and includes the following towns: Ashland, Center Harbor, Holderness, Moultonborough, and Sandwich. This includes the following water bodies: Squam Lake, Little Squam Lake, and Squam River (to the DES dam in Ashland at the junction of River Street with US Route 3).

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More information about the Squam Watershed Plan update process can be found here.

Contact Rebecca Hanson with questions about the Watershed Plan.