Squam Speaker Series: Wolves

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 7:00 pm

Myrtle Clapp from the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge will be presenting at the SLA for our April Speaker Series

Myrtle is from the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge in Conway, NH.

She will be presenting about wolves, why they are important to the natural ecology of our world, current events on wolf reintroduction and controversy in the western united sates.  Please join us for an informative talk on one of natures top carnivores.

Loki Clan Wolf Refuge is a sanctuary devoted to education about, advocacy for, and protection of wolves and wolfdogs.

Loki Clan Wolf Refuge was founded in 1993 and encompasses 70 acres, straddling the Maine/New Hampshire border.  It houses approximately 90 wolves and wolfdogs, divided into 25 packs.

At the refuge, the animals are given what founder Fred Keating calls “as close to a natural life as possible.” Each pack runs free on an acre of land. Every animal is placed in a pack and homed at the refuge permanently. None of the rescues are adopted out or surrendered.

Since there are almost no parks or wildlife reserves in the United States where wolves are protected, the refuge provides an indispensable place of shelter. This is why one of Keating's favorite quotes is “if you can not give me a place to live, at least give me a place to die” (Chief Joseph). Because of Keating’s work, wolves that are not placed with Loki Clan are often transported and taken to other refuges. Loki Clan has a relentless goal to give wolves and wolfdogs a safe, natural existence. One should note “safety” is hard to ensure. Just as there are people who want to support and protect wolves, there are unfortunately many more who believe the myths about wolf behavior.  They pose a continued threat to these animals.  This is why the aim of the refuge is not only caring for its animals but also fair legislation and education. As wolfdogs are illegal in many states, causing them often to be seized and euthanized, the refuge is concerned with and active in seeking ways to protect them through outreach and education. In the end, Loki Clan tries to ensure that wolves and wolfdogs are never persecuted, furthermore that they are understood as gentle, intelligent and sensitive animals who ultimately deserve a place in the world.

The program starts at 7 PM in the SLA's Resource Center, 534 Route 3, Holderness. This is a free program and open to all. For more information, contact the SLA at (603) 968-7336.

Loki Clan Wolf Refuge will be presenting at the SLA on April 11, 2013