Squam Ridge Race October 1st 2017

The 12.2 mile Squam Ridge Race - is a fundraising effort for the trail network around Squam,  

The 12 mile race -  traverses a majority of the Squam Range crossing three summits with amazing views of Squam Lake and the surrounding watershed and has about 3000 feet of elevation gain.  This race is mostly single track with 1.8 miles of pavement 0.5 miles of dirt road, 1.3 miles of double track, and 8.6 miles of single track trail.   The path up to the top of Mount Percival will be a challenge to runners with its many stone steps and rugged terrain it averages 15% grade for 1.8 miles.  There is a racer and a hiker division, anyone is welcome to run or just hike the route as a participant of the event.  There will be three aid stations spaced 2-4 miles apart so racers will need to plan accordingly.  

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The 4 mile Race - climbs to the top of Mount Livermore and back to the start / finish area. There will be one aid station at the junction with the Crawford Ridgepole Trail.  There is a racer and a hiker division so everyone is welcome to hike the route with friends and family or race as a participant of the event.

All participants will be entered into the prize drawings to be held at the end of the event, and have access to food and beverages donated by local restaurants and businesses at the start finish area.  Everyone will have a chance to win.  This is a fundraising event, all proceeds from this event are going back into the trails that the race takes place on and to the rest of our 50 mile trail network. Medals to top finishers in their division and prizes to top finishers overall.


Thanks to the Webster Family (Webster Land Corp and Burleigh Land Limited Partnership) for the event location and trail access providing hiking enjoyment for everyone for the race and all year long.  

And thanks to our lead soponsor:


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