SLA's New Trail Markers

The Squam Lakes Association's New

Trail Markers! 

If you’ve been out hiking the trails in the watershed this autumn you may have noticed our new trail markers! These markers have been carefully designed to be bright and noticeable. In addition to helping hikers stay on the trail these markers also contain the SLA logo and contact information. This way folks making use of SLA maintained trails will know who is taking care of it, who to contact if there is an issue to report and gives them a way to contact the SLA to get involved with the maintenance of the trail system they are enjoying. 

This new style of trail marker has some other useful features. They can be adjusted as needed. If there are too many or too few in an area over time they can be adjusted to be useful to hikers but not so many as to be distracting. They also don’t fade over time like paint blazes do and can be hung up more easily by trained volunteers or staff. On certain trails these markers are color coded to help hikers recognize exactly what trail they are on.

The amount and location of the initial re-blazing effort using these new markers may have been to much in certain places. Moving forward the SLA will be blazing with these markers only as needed. This means markers at trails junctions, trailheads and other trouble spots. Otherwise we want to use a minimal blazing approach moving forward. If this effort interests you don't hesitate to get in touch!    

Both SLA staff and volunteers have spent a good deal of time getting these markers place across our trail system. There is still plenty of mileage to go for full coverage. Get in touch and lend a hand with this labor of love! Get in touch with SLA's Volunteer Coordinator Brian Gagnon at 

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