SLA's New Podcast! What's Happening on Squam

Episode 1: What's Happening on Squam - April 5, 2019

The podcast's creation and Stevie's experience, stories, and imagination: 

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural episode of What’s Happening on Squam, a brand new media outlet for the SLA to share stories of its members, staff, and volunteers! This week LRCC member Cole Beale sits down for a chat with Stevie Raymond, a fellow LRCC member and previous recreational assistant/Squam Lakes Association Intern. They discuss the reasoning behind the podcast’s creation, last week’s trail work experience, two recent educational programs, and a brief interview with Stevie Raymond before his departure. It’s still a work-in-progress, but we hope to get as many episodes out as we can with people sharing their experiences of the Squam Lakes Region.