SLA Trails Open April 17th

All SLA trails are re-opening today, Saturday, April 17th, after being closed for mud season. Thank you to everyone for working with us to protect the trails we love while they're at their most vulnerable! 

As we enter peak hiking season, please continue to protect our trails, ecosystem, and each other by following these Leave No Trace principles: 

  • Plan Ahead & Prepare. Come prepared with alternative hikes in mind! If parking at a trailhead is full, this indicates that the trail is at capacity. Parking on the road creates safety hazards and frequently impedes the ability for ambulances to pass if there were an emergency.
  • Travel on Trails. By staying on marked trails, you're protecting the nearby fragile vegetation and preventing erosion! Trail widening, caused by hikers straying from the trail, and the creation of social trails can create issues that require expensive and time-consuming maintenance efforts to correct. 
  • Dispose of Waste Properly—Carry Out What You Carry In. This includes biodegradable waste like orange peels and apples cores, which can impact wildlife.
  • Leave What You Find. Allow others to enjoy your natural discoveries by leaving rocks, plants, and other objects of interest as you find them. 
  • Respect Wildlife. For the safety of both yourself and the animal's, do not attempt to approach, touch, or feed wildlife.  
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors.