Postcards from camp: Nadia

Since 1955, the Squam Lakes Association's (SLA) summer youth programs have introduced young people to the unique resources in the Squam Lakes region and beyond. Through paddling, hiking, swimming, sailing and environmental education campers develop a strong sense of self, community and place. Our Junior Squam Lakes Association (JSLA) and Community Youth Sailing Program (CYSP) provide healthy outdoor recreational activities designed to stimulate inquisitive minds, develop life-long friendships, and create lasting memories. Learn more about the SLA Summer Youth Programs here.

July 13, 2018


This week in the group Explorer we had some great moments full of laughter, riddles stories and excitement. A moment that stands out the most for me is when we went on our hike to Goodrich rock in Waterville valley, the kids had such a fun time and when we got to our spot there was a ladder we needed to climb to get on top of the rock to see the amazing view. One of our campers was afraid of heights and was very hesitant to go up and come back down but with encouragement he was able to conquer his fear of heights and climb the ladder to reach the top with the rest of the group. He was so happy and proud of himself and it made my day to see his accomplishment. 

Nadia is from Michigan. She will be pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood at Plymouth State University this fall. Click here to read Nadia's bio.