New! Squam Speaker Series: Bee Keeping!

Squam Speaker Series: Bee Keeping! 

March 23rd, 7-8pm at the Squam Lakes Association

What is so special about Bees?  How do they make that sweet honey?  And how is it working here in the Squam Lakes area?  The Pemi Baker Bee Keepers organization came together in January 2008 to bring local beekeepers together for the purpose of learning and sharing information on the art of beekeeping. The membership is open to all those who are truly interested in learning the history, techniques, skills and development of a beekeeping establishment… as a hobbyist or an entrepreneur for the honey industry. Join us to hear about the amazing story of a bee's life and how you can dive in to keeping bees!

This presentation will be delivered by the  Pemi Baker Bee Keepers Association. Learn more about thier work by Clicking Here!