A new face at the Squam Lakes Association

The Squam Lakes Association Welcomes Brian Gagnon

The SLA is delighted to welcome Brian Gagnon to the staff as our new Volunteer and Communications Coordinator. Brian comes to us from The Wilderness Society where he coordinated outreach and community organizing efforts in New Hampshire and throughout the northern forest region. Brian is no stranger to the Squam Lakes area. While earning his M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy at PSU, he spent a number of seasons working for the SLA. Starting with rentals in the boathouse and assisting with the management of SLA's recreation resources he went on to lead SLA's trail crew in the maintenance of over 50 miles of trail the SLA maintains in the Squam Range. He has also been a valuable volunteer for us over the years. In addition to his position at SLA, Brian also serves on the board of the Friends of Mead Base Conservation Center in Sandwich, is a regular on the trails assisting the WODC and monitors properties for local land conservancies.  

We are extremely excited to have Brian onboard! To join us in our network throughout the  Squam Lakes watershed, contact Brian at BrianGagnon@squamlakes.org

To learn more about the SLA and its up-coming events and programs, visit www.squamlakes.org. The Squam Lakes Association is dedicated to conserving for the public benefit the natural beauty, peaceful character and unique resource values of the Squam Lakes and surrounding watershed. For more information call (603)968-7336 or visit our website at www.squamlakes.org

Brian Gagnon Sandwich Wilderness