Mid-Summer 2018 Milfoil update

AmeriCorps has been working diligently removing milfoil this summer. Areas with milfoil in Big Squam continue to look great.  We see some milfoil growth there, but there are no large patches or infestations in Big Squam. Our crew is able to address this regrowth quickly and only see single plants and no infestations. We still need to visit these areas, but a couple of days per month are necessary in all of Big Squam. Similarly, areas of milfoil in Little Squam are also reduced. Our dive crew spends most dive days in the Squam River where our most intensive management efforts are pushed further downstream each year.

We rely on a crew of Weed Watcher volunteers around the lake to help identify milfoil and other problem aquatic plants before they reach infestation stage. Join our Weed Watching crew and help protect your lake neighborhood from aquatic invasive species.

We will dive well into September and even October this fall thanks to our crew of AmeriCorps volunteers. These extra dive days allow us to revisit management areas to remove late season regrowth. We expect to see less regrowth in 2019.

Learn more about our milfoil management efforts here