Loon Update July 9 2012

In a very exciting development, the loon pair in Squaw Cove has gone on the nest!  While it is quite late to start nesting, there are several other pairs around the state that have initiated a nest within the past week.  I hope we will be adding a chick to our total in early August!

On a much sadder note, the loon that was picked up on Little Squam is not likely to survive.  The wildlife rehabilitator reports that the loon is no longer eating well and medications to treat internal bleeding have not been effective.  I will let you know what happens, but, unfortunately, the outlook is not optimistic.

Chick Tip of the Week:  Loon chicks spend quite a bit of time away from their parents.  When they are very young, the chicks may be left alone on the surface as both parents dive for food.  As they grow older, the parents will frequently leave the chicks by themselves.  Loon chicks are small, dark, and difficult to see on the water.  This makes it especially critical for lake residents to alert their neighbors and other lake users to the presence of loon families and for boaters to slow down and be on the look-out, not just for adults, but for chicks as well.

Please mark your calendars for August 3rd, when Wendy Van de Poll and her team of swimmers will again be swimming the 7-mile length of Squam Lake to raise money for LPC's Squam Lake Loon Initiative--LPC's intensive research, monitoring, management, and outreach on Squam.  The team will be arriving at Sandwich Beach (usually around 11:30-12:00) and everyone is invited to come down, show their appreciation to the swimmers for their amazing effort, and join in some refreshments to celebrate!  Visit www.loon.org to see our latest updates and video about the SLLI and to show your support for Wendy's efforts by contributing to the SLLI.

loon and chick