Loon Update August 16

Tiffany is happy to report that our surviving chicks continue to do well!  The two chicks on Squam Lake have almost completely molted out of their down at this point, while the chick on Little Squam continues to grow rapidly.

On Thursday, August 23, we will be having a potluck for our volunteers at The Loon Center.  The potluck will begin at 5:45. Please bring a dish to share, and we will provide beverages, plates, and utensils.  RSVP to Susie at volunteers@loon.org or at 603-477-2884 by Monday, August 20th, and let her know what you are bringing.  Friends and family are very welcome.

After the potluck, Harry Vogel will present trends in New Hampshire’s loon population and a preliminary wrap-up of the 2012 season.  Nature photographer John Rockwood will also present a slideshow, followed by LPC’s Annual Meeting.  I hope to see you all there!

This will be the final regular loon report for this season.  Of course, I will reportl if there is anything I need to update you all on.
I will continue to monitor the chicks and loons on the Lakes as we move into the fall season.  Please contact me to report a sick, injured, or dead loon, or if you have any questions or concerns.  Over the fall and winter, I will be working hard on LPC's Squam Lake Loon Initiative, analyzing our data, and investigating the declines on Squam Lake.  This past breeding season has given me even more to be concerned about, and I hope that LPC will be able to carry out the testing and research that will help us to understand the ongoing problems and challenges facing Squam's loons.

Thank you all for your interest in the loons of Squam Lake, your reports to me of loon activities, and for helping me to get the word out to lake users about the needs of the loons.  Without the dedication and support of concerned loon-lovers like yourselves, LPC would not be able to fulfill its mission to preserve and protect loons throughout New Hampshire, and, specifically, on the Squam Lakes.  So, thank you all for your support for the loons.  It was an honor and privilege to be LPC's biologist on the Squam Lakes once again, and LPC will continue to work hard throughout the "off-season" on research that will help us learn about the problems on Squam and restore a healthy population of loons to the lake.

Loon on Squam