Intern Journal-Kendall

AUGUST 7, 2014


One of the best parts about this internship is camping on the islands for the weekend. It's a nice break from the seemingly never-ending weekday schedule of 10 hour dive days or camping days. Weekends on the islands are the best because you're out there for 3 consecutive nights without having to travel back and forth, you get much needed alone time (because living in a house with 7 people does have its trials), and you get to be closer to the natural world around you. The biggest perk for me is the amount of free time there is to read, which in the real world seems like there is never enough time to sit down and read a book. This summer I've finished more books than I probably read in the entire last year. For a bookworm like me, a typical weekend might look like this: driving out to the islands with the caretaker on the other island, checking campers in, eat dinner and read until I fall asleep, wake up and make breakfast and read, maybe take a morning paddle, walk half the islands trails with the rake and loppers, come back and read for a few more hours, eat lunch, walk to the beaches to make sure no shenanigans are happening, meet up with the intern on the other islands and spend some time in the sun or in the water, make dinner, check campers in, walk out to sunset ledge and read and watch the sunset (which are incredible), read and go to bed. And pretty much repeat the next day... two weekends ago on Bowman, I finished 3 books. The library in Holderness has an awesome selection despite its size, and for forgetful people like me, no late fees! The weekends on the islands for me are a chance to refresh and renew, to escape reality with a good book.

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