Intern Journal-Kendall

JULY 10, 2014


I want to share about the best day I've had here so far. It does not pertain to our job here specifically, but to the place and the people here on Squam. (But as a side note, scuba diving is my most favorite thing we do here!) On June 21st, the summer solstice, Caroline S. and I had the day off. After a slow morning, we went on a short sail with Garr, which has been an awesome opportunity, as Garr is always willing to show us the ropes (or in this case, lines…) We then decided to kayak out to the islands to hang out with the interns camping, and on our way to the boat launch saw Caroline H. and told her to come with us. The three of us then head out of Piper Cove on SLA kayaks, and made our way out to Moon. It wasn't the calmest afternoon, and the water was pretty choppy, but we made the 45 minute paddle, and Caroline S. was so happy and giddy that she couldn't stop smiling. We met up with Erik on Moon, and then soon Ian S. joined us from Bowman and Jake had also kayaked out from the SLA a little later. We set up a slack line, ate all of Ian's flavor blasted goldfish, and just hung out and talked and bonded and had a really good time. The camaraderie we've fostered by working together and living together has been a side benefit to this job all on its own. All too soon, it was getting late and the kayakers (as Field would like to say, the 'yakers) had to start getting back before dark (although since it was the longest day of the year, we didn't have to leave until 830). This was the best part of the entire day. The four of us, me, the Carolines, and Jake, began paddling as the sun just passed over the hills. The sunset that followed was absolutely beautiful, beginning with orange and yellow and slowly changing to pink and purple. At one point, one by one, we all stopped paddling, an unspoken tribute to the beauty of Squam. It was a magical moment as we all sat in silence and admired the colors. With the pink sky as our backdrop, we made our way back to the SLA, certain of our decisions to spend the summer here.

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