Intern Journal: Jon

The Squam Conservation Internship provides skills and experience for future conservation professionals while working as the driving force behind the SLA’s conservation mission.  This volunteer internship provides hands-on conservation work experience and certifications over a broad range of activities.  Interns serve as campsite hosts and caretakers at our backcountry campsites, work toward the eradication of variable milfoil, help preserve loon populations on Squam, engage both youth and adults in environmental education, and perform other conservation duties such as shoreline restoration and trail maintenance and construction. Squam Conservation Interns also regularly write about their experiences in the Squam Watershed. Learn more about the internship program here.

June 3, 2017


I sit here, exhausted after a scuba class, to write about my experience as an intern for Squam Lakes Association. I almost don't know where to begin. We have done so much already. From learning how to clean composting toilets, to getting lost trying to navigate around the lake, we have barely had time to breath. And I have loved every second of it. I go to bed exhausted every night entirely satisfied having accomplished something that day. Today I walked back to the intern house on a path that my fellow interns and I had created, in a field that we had cleared of brambles.

I can't wait to see what else we accomplish throughout the summer. We get to learn how clean the lake of all the milfoil, take water quality tests, and do loon conservation! What could be better than that? I will be making a difference in the conservation field. All while working in a beautiful place with amazing people.

We have really bonded as a group this past week. We share glances through our fogged up goggles as we shiver at the bottom of the pool during the scuba class. Two birthdays (including my own) have been celebrated in the week and a half that we have been here. Both have been amazing moments shared by everyone. I was even serenaded with the Swedish version of “Happy Birthday.” I think that sums it up.

Doing amazing worthwhile work for the summer. Check. Learning new things. Check. Having an amazing group of people to share this with. Check. I think this summer is going to be one to remember.

Jon is from Georgetown, Massachusetts. He is studying Wildlife and Fisheries Management at Unity College where he will be entering his senior year this coming fall. Click here to read his bio.