Intern Journal-Jacob

AUGUST 11, 2014


I could not have asked for a better experience being with the Squam Lakes Association this summer.  Moving to New Hampshire has been my first extended period away from Wisconsin and has been a great adventure.  We as interns have learned a lot through our mentors Brett, Rebecca, and Ian but that is only a small portion of the knowledge that I have gained since being here.  New experiences are everywhere.  Opportunities spring up through the people that you meet and by finding them on your own.

I have always enjoyed hiking but hiking through the mountains is another level.  Squam Lakes Association has a program called the Squam Rangers.  Hike all of the trails that SLA maintains and you become a Ranger.  This includes hiking 26 different trails equaling just about 50 miles. From the beginning of summer I decided I wanted to accomplish this and made it happened.  On the trails I have seen bears, nearly run into porcupines, and made friends with some curious squirrels. I currently have just one more loop to finish.

On the water, fly-fishing has been my new favorite hobby.  Thanks to intern Ian I have picked up fly-fishing quickly.  Not only have I learned how to fly fish but also tie my own flies!  Pulling trout out of the Mad River and monster bass out of Squam with your own bait trumps everything, although, sailing is a very close second.

Sailing is like playing with the wind.  I am still in awe whenever I get a chance to go out sailing.  I have only learned a small bit since being here but going out with the crew to lasso up some wind gets better every time.  Without moving east I may have never experience the power of wind.

The Squam Lakes region has been my first steps onto a long road.  What I have learned hear can never be forgotten but only excel me into the future.

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