Intern Journal-Jacob

JULY 4, 2014


Wow! It is already half way through the summer.  The Squam experience has so far been everything I had hoped and more.  Diving, wood splitting, trail work, and camping- it couldn’t be better.  This past weekend was my first time being an island caretaker.  I spent three nights on Bowman Island, which was such a treat.  Getting out of the house for a few days was exactly what I needed to clear my head.  Everyone I live with is amazing, but it can feel congested at times living in a house with eight people.  Being alone on the island was a great escape.  Although, staying in the Bowman cabin is a bit eerie.  In my mind, this cabin sets the perfect scene for a Friday the 13th film.  There is even an old rusted machete stuffed away in the corner.  Creepy, I know, but I survived.  When staying out on the islands we clean bathrooms, maintain trails, check in campers and make sure everything on the island is running smoothly.  The best part about caretaking is going around to each of the sites and greeting all of the people staying on the island.  Friendly faces are everywhere, and everyone is always excited to strike up a conversation.  Speaking of Friday the 13th!  One family invited me to stay and have dinner with them.  Oddly enough they went to college with the man who wrote the screenplay for the original Friday the 13th movie!  The family treated me to beef stroganoff and some of the best peach cobbler I’ve ever had the pleasure of savoring.  Cobbler cooked over a fire makes it taste just that much sweeter.  Following dinner I was in for a surprise.  One of the women at the site pulled out a giant bag of marshmallows and called out, “alright time to play chubby bunny!”  I never thought my first time playing chubby bunny would be with a group of middle-aged folks but I would not have had it any other way.  I laughed until I was red in the face.  After admitting defeat to the apparently chipmunk-cheeked pros, we talked into the evening like old friends.  As night fell I finally retreated to the ominous Bowman cabin with a large grin, a Tupperware full of leftovers, and the images of marshmallows mashed into mouths still in my head.  What a great night to end a wonderful weekend.

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