Intern Journal-Ian

AUGUST 13, 2014


As I sit here writing my final intern journal, I cannot help but feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to spend 3 wonderful months preserving the environmental integrity of the Squam Lakes Region. Long days of pulling milfoil or splitting, stacking, and bundling wood have given me important perspective into the world of conservation work. The work is by no means a walk in the park. On the ninety-five degree days when you are tossing and unloading 5-10 pound chunks of fire wood in a sweat drenched shirt, it can be easy to second guess the work that you are doing. The Beatles song, I Get By with a Little Help From my Friends is especially pertinent to my time spent on Squam this summer. I could not imagine these past months without the support and friendship of the seven other interns and all the other staff at SLA. An after-work sail with Garr or an evening of brookies and rainbows on the Mad River with Erik and Jacob. An early morning of fly fishing on the Newfound with EB or rainy camping leading to s'mores around a camp stove. Re-handling a maul with Brett and Ian C. or dancing on the milfoil compost with Rebecca. These are just a few of the memories gained during my time spent at the SLA that I will certainly cherish for a lifetime. I am very fortunate to have spent 3 months in such a special place with such special people.

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