Intern Journal-Field

JULY 28, 2014


Two months in and this internship seems like it has only been a moment. It has all been one moment, frozen in time. I have been told that this single moment is coming to an end though, a rumor that there is only one month left until we return to the realm of the real world. From what I remember, this was a world where I had professors instead of Brett and Rebecca, T.A.'s instead of Ian Cullison, and where I had 5000 classmates instead of 7.  This was a world where I had classrooms instead of mountain tops and libraries instead of lake bottoms, where I typed essay's instead of pulling milfoil and slept in a house with a bed instead of a tent with a sleeping bag. I am currently trying to envision life after Squam, and I am imagining something similar to culture shock. I already miss watching the sun go down on my Bowman Island perch, getting lost In forests of milfoil, and doing man stuff like driving trucks and chopping up wood.  I'm not really sure how to end this entry without getting sappy, so I wrote a haiku.

silts ooze through my toes
crispy breeze brushes my face
sun melts on my skin

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