Intern Journal-Emily

AUGUST 25, 2014


As our last big shebang as interns at the Squam Lakes Association we went on a canoe paddle down the Baker.  This was a great group bonding activity that was full of adventure, splashing, and delicious dessert.  That trip made me realize how full circle everything has come this summer.  For example, at the beginning of the summer intern Jake flipped his kayak.  Then, there at the Baker river, where we all believed it could not be done, he flipped again!  This lead to much laughter and appreciation for life on everyone's part.  I believe I have also gone full circle.  Originally, I approached this internship excited and nervous for what the summer held.  As time went on I got gradually more confident and skilled.  Now, I can say I possess the everyday skills of scuba-diving in zero visibility, driving a boat similar in both size and speed to a large cargo barge, and working in both extremely hot and cold conditions- sometimes within the same day.  While these may not seem like everyday skills, I am sure the confidence I gained by completing each difficult task will help carry me through my junior year of college and hopefully into a conservation career, much like my hero Jane Goodall's, beyond that.  What appeared like the impossible, perfect, and endless summer is finally coming to a close and I can definitely say I am the better for it.