Intern Journal-Caroline H.


Caroline H.

On our last night at Squam, the five interns who hadn’t left yet (plus our intern manager Ian) all decided to go out to check in campers together. Going to the sites together is something that we hadn’t done since the beginning of the summer when we were learning how to do camping duties.  It was nice to finish off the summer the way that we started it: together. All of my favorite memories from this summer are from times when all of the interns were together. From the barn dance on I love Squam Day to days when we went on trips together to nights when we cooked group dinners, I enjoyed every minute that I spent with my fellow interns.

My advice to next year’s conservation interns is to spend as much time as you can together.  Take advantage of the days at the beginning of the summer when all 8 of you are on the same schedule. Even if you’re tired at the end of the day, make time do do something together, whether it be sailing, kayaking, going out for ice cream, or even just cooking dinner together. Take time to explore the area together. Squam is an amazing place, and it becomes even more amazing when you experience it together.

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