Fish & Game - Talking Bass! populations, tournaments and Squam Lake

Talking All Things Bass with NH Fish and Game

Thursday, July 9th 2015 7- 8:30pm at SLA's Resource Center 

Squam Lake is nationally known as a productive lake for bass fishing. The quality of the fishery brings both pleasure and challenge. Loon populations are at risk from lead jig use, an issue addressed, resulting the banning of lead fishing tackle from New Hampshire lakes effective in 2016. Different folks ply Squam for these fish with different expectations, and this can lead to conflict. The Squam Lakes Association is working in partnership with Fish and Game to find ways to reduce issues and ensure a high quality fishery and high quality experiences for all.

Overall, populations are strong and reproduction is high for these popular sport fish. NH Fish and Game biologist Gabe Gries will discuss tournaments- how they are scheduled and managed and monitored, bass population management and all things bass at the SLA Resource Center, July 9th at 7 pm. Bring your questions, Gabe is an expert on every aspect of bass in New Hampshire. This program  is open to everyone.



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