Drinking Water Safety

The SLA in partnership with The Holderness Conservation Commission will be holding an evening session at SLA on Wednesday 21st of August at 7pm at the SLA. The program will explore the safety of our drinking water and will cover how we in New Hampshire get our drinking water and some of the things that might be in the water.

Presenting will be Michael Paul, Community Engagement Coordinator from The Audrey and Theodor Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and Pierce Rigrod from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

The talk will include how folks get their water in NH (town, well, etc.), state regulations as to public and private water supplies, and what help the state supplies in terms of testing public and private water supplies.

We will discuss what other chemicals are found in natural water supplies, what effect those items have on the water supply,  and the biological effects of those chemicals on humans and other living things.  If the state does not test for those items, what is the risk in not finding out what’s in your water.

glass of water