Conservation Journal: Mike

The Lakes Region Conservation Corps (LRCC) is an AmeriCorps service program that develops skills and experiences for conservation professionals. LRCC members are the driving force behind the Squam Lakes Association’s conservation efforts. The program provides hands-on conservation work experience and numerous certifications over a broad range of areas, which ensures that LRCC members are capable of independently approaching a variety of tasks in the environmental conservation field. Members remove invasive species from the Squam watershed, manage and act as caretakers at our backcountry campsites, maintain the SLA’s 50+ miles of trails, educate the public on local and regional conservation initiatives, spearhead reports on conservation efforts, lead SLA volunteer crews and ensure the daily functioning of the Squam Lakes Association’s programs. Click here to learn more about the LRCC program.

July 5, 2018


Hello! My name is Michael Hoffman! I am currently one of the AmeriCorps Members serving with the Squam Lakes Association under the Lakes Region Conservation Corps.  I travelled up here from my hometown in Pennsville, New Jersey a little over two months ago. There have been a lot of great turning points in my life and the short time I’ve so far spent with the SLA has been a time of my life. We do a diversity of service, ranging from doing trail maintenance on one of the 50 plus miles of trails we manage in the Squam region or diving 10-feet down pulling variable milfoil out of Bennett Cove. Every single day is an adventure and a lesson. The ability to utilize my knowledge of ecology, conservation, and environmental education all while experiencing my inconceivable passion for the outdoors is an experience all in its own.

This passion of mine most likely developed from being in the Boy Scouts of America most of my life and fulfilling the ultimate achievement of obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout. Following the Boy Scouts, going to college and receiving my B.S. in Environmental Science from Stockton University. Recently, I ran a youth educational program with the campers of the Junior Squam Lakes Association (JSLA). The topic of the program was an Ecological Scavenger Hunt. Myself, nineteen youth campers of all ages, and the respective camp leaders canoed and kayaked out to Moon Island. The campers had 30 minutes to identify 8 various trees and or plants. I will say, I was impressed how well the campers knew their trees! However, they did have an incentive of ice cold popsicles if they completed the list! What hit me the most during this program was seeing familiar expressions on the campers’ faces of how I felt when I was their age and reflecting on those moments that truly ignited my passion for the outdoors as a kid. I am beyond humbled to have been selected with the rest of the members here with the Lakes Region Conservation Corps and continue to look forward to delivering the mission of the SLA in the coming months!

Mike is from Pennsville, New Jersey. He graduated from Stockton University with a B.S. in Environmental Science. Click here to read Mike's bio.

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