Congratulations Squam Rangers!

Twenty-six trails and fifty miles! 

Congratulations to the following charter members of the Squam Rangers who recently completed the program: Betsy Whitmore, Evan Weiss, Catherine Weiss, Bob Snelling, Sandra Lehner and Carl Lehner.  These folks are # 3 through # 8 to finish the program (Carolyn and Bryant Tolles were the first two to finish earlier in the summer).

Squam Lakes Association launched the Squam Rangers in May of this year.  The program promotes getting outdoors, enjoying nature and hiking the 26 trails surrounding Squam Lake and its watershed. There is something for everyone!  Many trails are child and dog friendly, like Col and Five Finger Point Trails.  There are also more challenging hikes, like Algonguin and Black Mountain Pond Trails. Nine-year old Evan Weiss, along with her mother, Catherine, recently completed the last trail on their list.  Evan said, "One thing I loved about the Squam Ranger Challenge was that it got us to try new trails.  My new favorite peaks are Mt. Livermore and Mt. Israel.  We saved the hike to Sandwich Dome for last, but it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be; it was just long." The Weiss' started on July 23 and finished on August 30!  

Currently, 61 people have joined the Squam Rangers.  The program is ongoing, so you can hike at your own pace with no requirements for finishing before a specified date.  September is a great time to join, as some of the best hiking of the season is upon us as temperatures cool down and the colors of fall begin to paint the landscape.  

The program costs $50 for 50 miles and all proceeds go to maintaining the trails. Upon joining you will receive a Squam Ranger backpack with a “Ranger in Progress” tee shirt, Squam Wildlife guide, trail guide and log.  Click here for more information. Contact the SLA at (603) 968-7336 for information about discounts for couples and children under 16.


Catherine and Evan Weiss completed 26 trails in just over a month! Pictured above is Catherine and Evan on Mt. Israel on August 20, 2012.

Squam Rangers - hike the trails!