CD3 Watercraft Cleaning Station Visits Squam Lake

NH LAKES has deployed the first waterless watercraft cleaning unit in the Northeast—the CD3 Clean, Drain, Dry & Dispose Unit! This mobile, solar-powered CD3 is visiting public boat ramps throughout the state helping boaters prevent the spread of invasive species.

It can take just one boat with a fragment of an invasive plant, or a boat with a few drops of water trapped in a livewell with a single invasive animal larva, being launched into a waterbody to cause a widespread problem in a lake.

The CD3 unit is equipped with hand tools to help boaters remove plant fragments and other debris. A wrench is provided to help open drain plugs to remove trapped water that may contain microscopic invasive animals. A wet/dry vacuum allows boaters to remove standing water trapped in bilges, live wells, and storage compartments. And, a blower is provided to help fully dry any areas that come in contact with the water.

Through Wednesday, August 28th, the CD3 is stationed on Squam Lake at the public boat launch located off Route 113 in Holderness. The CD3 unit is free and easy to use and boaters are encouraged to try it.

For more information about the CD3, or to learn more about the threat of invasive species, CLICK HERE!