Aquatic Adventure Ecology Trip

Join the Squam Lakes Association on Friday, June 13 from 10am - 12pm for the first Adventure Ecology trip of the summer. The SLA's Director of Conservation Rebecca Hanson, along with Conservation Intern Emily Gross, will lead participants on a morning paddle and a discussion of aquatic ecology and the impacts of invasive aquatic species.

"Aquatic plants play an important role in lake ecology," says Hanson. "We'll discuss various aquatic species during this upcoming excursion. We'll also keep an eye out for invasive species."

Participants will learn to identify various aquatic plants common to Squam, and will learn what a healthy lake ecosystem looks like. At the end of the adventure, participants will also be able to continue as Weed Watcher volunteers in Squam. Weed Watchers are part of the first line of defense against invasive species infestations. By observing the plant growth around the lake, they can detect new growths of invasive species. The Squam Lakes already have areas with the invasive variable milfoil, but no other invasive plants have been identified.

"The Weed Watcher program is critical to keeping other invasives from establishing themselves on Squam," Hanson explains. "Weed Watchers also help to identify new infestation of variable milfoil that are not yet on our radar."

Participation is free but limited to eight. Please call or email to reserve your spot (603-968-7336;

The SLA will offer a number of other guided Adventure Ecology trips on Fridays throughout the summer. Visit the SLA calendar to learn more.

Aquatic Ecology with Campus Club