Adventure Ecology Trip: Guided Nature Walk and iNaturlist workshop!

Adventure Ecology Trip: Guided Nature Walk with Conservation Intern Gabie Wolf and the iNaturalist Smartphone App!

Friday July 31st , 10am-12pm

Squam Lakes Association Intern Gabie Wolf will be leading an informative
“how to” session on the popular *iNaturalist* smart phone application,
followed by a guided nature walk through Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial
Forest Friday July 31st , 10am-12pm. Reservations are required just email so we know to expect you! is a website that encourages every day people to record
observations made in the wild (plants, insects, mammals etc.) online for
both amateurs and professionals to use and see. This tool is available
online and as a smartphone app, making data sharing easier than ever. The
event will be set up as a “bioblitz,” an informal (non)competition to
record the greatest number of observations.

Smartphones equipped with internet service are highly encouraged,
participants can also use a laptop and camera (together). Participants are
encouraged to download and explore the application on their portable
devices before arriving. An instruction sheet is available detailing how to
create an account and download the application, along with a *how-to* guide
for those interested.

This Adventure Ecology Trip will meet at the Squam Lakes Association
Resource Center on Rt 3 Holderness. We will then drive to Chamberlain
Reynolds Memorial Forest for a “field test” of the application. After the
nature walk, the group will return to the SLA building to answer any
questions and review all observations!