Adventure Ecology: Tree Identification Tour in Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest

Where: Chamberlin Reynolds Memorial Forest, East Parking Lot

When: Friday, August 5th from noon to 2pm 

Join the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) for the sixth summer program in its Adventure Ecology series titled, “Identifying Trees in the Squam Lakes Region.” The program will take place on Friday, August 5th from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm in the Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial Forest. SLA conservation intern, Katri Gurney, will lead a tranquil walk through the forest while discussing the history of the forests surrounding Squam Lake and identifying trees native to the region. Expect to walk a minimum of two miles and a maximum of four miles. Participants will meet in the east parking lot. All ages are welcome.

Roughly eighty-five percent of New Hampshire is covered in forest. The trees of these forests are a valuable resource, providing significant economic opportunities that include recreation, forestry, paper manufacturing, and syrup production. Forests also provide significant environmental benefits by increasing biodiversity, working as carbon sinks, and increasing water quality. According to the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands, however, the area of forested land in the state has decreased since the 1980's. The decrease is mainly due to development in the southern portion of the state. Placing land in conservation is one of the primary methods of reducing the development of forested lands.

The forests of New Hampshire are home to about seventy native tree species. The program will explain the methods used to identify trees and enable participants to distinguish between trees of the same species. Participants should be capable of identifying numerous native trees by the end of the walk and be able to explain the benefits of conserving the region’s forests.

For more information, or to sign up for this Adventure Ecology Program, visit the SLA website ( or contact the SLA directly (603-968- 7336). The SLA also offers other Adventure Ecology trips throughout the summer. Every Friday from June 17 through August 19, these free programs are open to the public and cover a variety of nature and conservation related topics. The Adventure Ecology programs are presented by the Squam Conservation Interns who spend their summers on Squam performing important conservation work in support of the Association’s mission.

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