Adventure Ecology: Species Interactions and the Balance of Nature

Friday, July 21, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm 

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Join the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) for a few hours to explore the species that inhabit areas of Squam Lake and surrounding watershed. Hosted by SLA conservation intern, Dominique Tarr, participants will take a tour around the woods, field, and shorelines of the SLA headquarters to observe interactions between species that consider this place home. This program will be geared towards anyone ages 10 and up.

By understanding the complex interactions that species have with one another we can begin to appreciate how these interactions combine to create a balance within nature. These interactions come in multiple forms and their impacts on participating organisms can vary from situation to situation. A common example that may be discussed in the tour is a bee pollinating a plant, where both species benefit from the interaction as the bee is provided with nectar and the plant is able to spread its pollen. However, some things can upset this balance in nature such as human impacts, disease, and changing climates.

By the end of this guided tour, participants will be able to recognize various types of species interactions that occur in nature and their effects on the organisms involved. In addition, participants should have a good understanding about the consequences of altering the complex harmony between species. The beginning of the program will start with a short introduction (no more than 20 minutes) about the different types of interactions, and the following portion will be dedicated to time spent outside exploring them. This program is designed for people of any age above 10 and all children must be accompanied by an adult. Participants will meet at the SLA headquarters, 534 US Rt. 3 in Holderness, at 10AM.

For more information, or to sign up for this Adventure Ecology Program, visit the SLA website ( or contact the SLA directly (603-968-7336). The SLA also offers other Adventure Ecology trips each summer. Every Friday from June 16 through August 18, these free programs are open to the public and cover a variety of nature and conservation related topics. The Adventure Ecology programs are presented by the Squam Conservation Interns who spend their summers on Squam performing important conservation work in support of the Association's mission.