Adventure Ecology: An Interactive Walking Tour of New Hampshire's Ferns

Friday, June 16th 10:00am to 12:00pm​

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Join the Squam Lakes Association for a morning of discovery and adventure in Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest. Join intern Elizabeth Wolf as she takes a look at the biological and cultural history of ferns, the key physical structures and their uses, and their role in the environment. We’ll then explore Chamberlain Reynolds and practice identifying common species of ferns within the forest. Participants will be given materials to put in their hiking backpacks to continue guided learning in the future.

Ferns play an active role in a wetland environment and for ecosystem stabilization as a whole, yet most people walk right by expansive clusters that often blanket the forest floor. While ferns have been around in their modern form for over 350 million years, the unique structures of these plants have not changed dramatically in that time. Come kick-off the summer’s first Adventure Ecology program to learn about these ancient plants.
By the end of the walk, participants will be able to identify five fern species and their defining features, and become more aware of the important role these overlooked plant superstars play in the ecosystem. We’ll be learning trail side as we walk through the diverse landscape of Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest and participants will be equipped to continue learning and discovery in the future.
The guided discovery begins at 10am at Chamberlin Reynolds Memorial Forest’s West Parking Lot on College Road in Center Harbor, NH. For more information, or to sign up for this Adventure Ecology Program, visit the SLA website ( or contact the SLA directly (603-968-7336). The SLA also offers other Adventure Ecology trips throughout the summer. Every Friday from June 16 through August 18, these free program are open to the public and cover a variety of nature and conservation related topics. The Adventure Ecology programs are presented by the Squam Conservation Interns who spend their summers on Squam performing important conservation work in support of the Association's mission.