The 2016 Squam Watershed Report is now available!

The 2016 Squam Watershed Report is now available. In this fourth Watershed Report, we cover water quality, land protection, fisheries, invasive species (both aquatic and terrestrial), loons, and land conservation. Highlights include continued healthy waters in the lake, an increase in stocked salmon to manage a dwindling population, a hugely successful season of milfoil management, and more acreage of conserved within the watershed. This year we also focus on the Squam Watershed Plan, currently being updated. While the Watershed Plan represents the convergence of the environment, the culture and the economy of the Squam Watershed, the foundation of the plan update, and our understanding of the watershed, is rooted in the annually published Squam Watershed Report. The Watershed Plan will help us to take action on the lake and in the surrounding mountains to improve and maintain the water quality, wildlife, and land of the Squam Watershed.

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