Squam Lakes News

  • The 2022 Squam Lakes Association Annual Meeting will take place Saturday, August 6th from 9:30am to 11:00am.
  • 3 campers looking in the water with lily pads floating nearby
    Ever wonder what goes on during the Junior Squam Lakes Association summer camp?
  • Results are rolling in and we have one more tournament day on August 13th!
  • Calling all volunteers interested in insects and contributing to science!
  • Ice is out, spring is here!
  • Check out the winning photos and other submissions.
  • Watch the recording of the February 23rd Squam Speaker Series presentation.
  • Outdoor FUN for the whole family Feb. 28th-March 5th!
  • Help protect NH Lakes including Squam!
  • Help maintain the SLA’s ice rink and mini-golf course any day between Feb. 12th-25th.
  • Bring your curiosity, ideas, questions and your own beverage, to this virtual science pub held via zoom.
  • Be sure to extend a warm welcome to Alex if you see him around!
  • Adel has been a wonderful and dedicated coworker, and we will miss her!
  • The SLA is seeking awesome people to share their passion for the outdoors with youth.
  • Learn about the opportunity to snag your favorite camping spot before general reservations open to the pubic on February 22nd.
  • Want to know what a day in the life of an LRCC member serving here at the Squam Lakes Association is? Catch up with Eric, Nikka and Bri to hear about mulch mountains, Fear Factor, and unexpected moose encounters!
  • Bri, Eric, Kaela, Kyle, Paul, and Nikka arrived on campus last weekend and have had a busy orientation week full of trainings and getting to know the Squam Watershed
  • Parking at the West Rattlesnake-area trails can be tricky this time of year. To avoid traffic, crowded trails, and even a parking ticket, check out some of these stunning hikes that are still located in the Squam Lakes region.
  • View the results for both the 12-mile and 4-miles races here.
  • We are renting canoes and kayaks to the public (non-campers) until Sunday, September 5th.
  • Catch up with the summer Lakes Region Conservation Corps members by reading about their experiences serving with their host sites: Squam Lakes Association, Squam Lakes Conservation Society, Green Mountain Conservation Group, Camp Hale, Newfound Lake Region Association, or White Mountain Trail Collective!
  • Curious about what JSLA summer camp is all about?
  • Find out why lead poisoning is the leading cause of documented loon deaths in New Hampshire — and what you can do about it — in this engaging draw-along session combining cartooning and biology.
  • Register to join the 9th Annual Squam Ridge Race happening on Sunday, September 19th
  • Register to participate in the 9th Annual Squam Ridge Race happening on Sunday, September 19th
  • The SLA is excited to announce our Seventh Annual Squam Canoe Classic! This is a very approachable bass tournament experience with plenty of good natured sportsmanship to go around.
  • Expected high traffic at the SLA boat launch this weekend (6/26, 6/27)
  • Learn more about Ridj-it, why it’s pronounced the way it is, and how tech and innovation can drive accessibility to the outdoors for everyone.
  • SLA trails are now open as of Saturday, April 17th after temporary mud season closures.
  • squam lake
    Learn about NH bats and how you can help conserve them.
  • Watch the recording of the March 25th presentation "Over the Mountains the Trails that Connect Us" to learn what goes into creating & maintaining trails, about new trails, and how you can become a trail steward.
  • See what our LRCC members go on to do after their service terms!
  • Laugh and learn about mud season in this short, entertaining video!
  • Take a moment to enjoy these writings inspired by Squam!
  • Spring is in the air! SLA trails will close starting any time between late-March to mid-April 2022. While the pull to get out in the fresh air and sunshine draws many of us outdoors, it's important to be patient with the trails throughout the spring in order to protect them.
  • Check out the two new videos added to our ShareLearnAdventure page!
  • Read the latest edition of The Loon Flyer! This issue highlights how the SLA adapted to face the challenges of 2020, provides a behind-the-scenes peek into the building of two new trails in the Squam Region....
  • squam lake
    What happens beneath the forest floor? Science and art come together in this project that reveals the complex interrelationships under our feet.
  • Watch the recording of the February 17th presentation "A BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK AT THE WATERVILLE VALLEY GUIDEBOOK" by Steve Smith, Brenda Conklin, Preston Conklin, Dan Newton and others who contributed to making this book so informative.
  • Thinking about applying to the Lakes Region Conservation Corps and want to learn more???
  • As you wind your way up the switchbacks learn how to ID a few trees!
  • For those who've never heard of leave no trace and even those well versed in LNT, you might learn a few new tricks from LRCC member Kodi!
  • Take a hike and enjoy a glorious sunrise!
  • Recording of the January 20th presentation "Tips to Stay Safe on Winter Adventures" by Erick Amero and Tyson Morrill.
  • If you are new to winter hiking, looking for new places to explore, or want a refresher on tips to stay safe during winter adventures, then this series is for you!
  • The SLA is seeking awesome staff for our summer youth programs.
  • squam lake
    Bring your curiosity, ideas, questions and your own beverage, to this virtual science pub held via zoom.!
  • Check in with the latest going's on at the Squam Lakes Association and Green Mountain Conservation Group with Mike, EB, and Trent!
  • Offices closed Dec. 24th - Jan. 3rd
  • The new cohort of Lakes Region Conservation Corps are settling in and helping to prepare campus for the long winter ahead! Click to find out what Kodi, Mikey, and Cecilia have been up to so far.
  • Snowhat's so Important about SNOW?
  • The new cohort of Lakes Region Conservation Corps have arrived! This week, say welcome (and welcome back) to Maggy and Daniel, LRCC members serving here at the Squam Lakes Association!
  • Our work with terrestrial invasive species is featured in this exhibit which explores "the intersection of the human race and the natural world that impacts endangered, invasive, undiscovered, and evolving species."
  • Saying goodbye to our summer crew: Don't miss the last conservation journals of the Summer/Fall program! Ryan reflects on his service at the Newfound Lake Region Association, Rachel has some tips for future members, and Jack sings in the rain with his fellow cohort. Follow the link to know more!
  • This week: Get your feet wet by stepping on some sphagnum with Dena, discover hidden waterfalls with Colleen, and take a second to focus on the present with Steven.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in our virtual 8th Annual Squam Ridge Race!
  • On September 28th, 2020 the Squam Lakes Association welcomed Cedar 4, an 8-person National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) AmeriCorps crew that will be helping the SLA build new trails in the region.
  • This week: Look at the stars with Sophie, watch the loons with Grace, and contemplate the beauty of change with Beth!
  • Catch up on conservation journals with our Summer/Fall LRCC members
  • Participate in the Squam Ridge Race—All Proceeds Support the SLA Trail System!
  • A collection of videos, photos, activities, games, and prompts that inspire people to engage with, learn about, and explore a variety of nature topics.
  • Virtual camp where we can see each other's faces, share stories & riddles, explore outdoors wherever you are, and laugh and have fun!
  • In response to CDC and the New Hampshire Governor's guidelines, our operations will look a little different this summer. Learn more about the changes made to our camping, youth programs, hiking trails, and more.
  • Check out the new Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest Nature Trail Guide!
  • Please join us in welcoming Danielle to the SLA team as our new LRCC Program Manager.
  • After two years as the Squam Lakes Association's Lakes Region Conservation Corps Program Manager, Emily Gross is leaving to start her next adventure.
  • On March 30, 2020, NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) issued new fish consumption guidelines for Squam Lake. The PCB contaminants were found in lake sediments, and are not harmful to activities like swimming, boating or catch and release fishing. ​
  • Micaela writes about what members gain, in addition to conservation experience, in this week's conservation journal!
  • Join Grace and Moses as they reflect on their experiences with the LRCC in this week's conservation journals!
  • Catch up on conservation journals with LRCC members Maggy and Elijah!
  • Sign up for Wilderness First Aid and CPR class at the SLA for this May!
  • "The SLA is dedicated to conserving for public benefit the natural beauty, peaceful character and resources of the watershed. If not to notice the moments that make you feel alive, awed, calm, then what for?"
  • "...every invasive plant removed is one step in the right direction for the health of our world, and that if I want our forests to stay as marvelous as those on the rest of the Red Hill range, then this is the way to help. "
  • “I have slowly come to the realization that there are as many flavors of nonprofits as there are communities. Every one of those initiatives begins at the level of the individual, and here in Squam, the individual cares.”
  • "It’s moments like these that we often take for granted. Small little stories being told in each whisper the wind puts in our ear. Soaking in small tales told by wildlife and plants, dipping their pins in ink each morning or before sunset."
  • "Conserving the beautiful ecosystem in this region for the enjoyment of future generations takes many hands. And to many who might be reading this, thank you for your help!"
  • "A theme that keeps popping up in our discussions during the LRCC on-boarding process is the vibrancy of the conservation community in this area and the depth of care for the lands and waters that sustain it. "
  • Read about the Lakes Region Conservation Corps' experience at the Spirit of New Hampshire Awards
  • "As an AmeriCorps member, we are supposed to lead by example, however a big part of that is recognizing all of the other great examples around you, and adjusting yourself to be the best leader (or follower) you can be. That’s the greatness in community; there are examples all around that can guide you and help you improve in challenging areas."
  • As Autumn ushers in change, Dani reflects on the value of networking within the conservation world in this week's journal.
  • In this week's conservation journals, catch up with Dawe, Heather, and Qiyah as they reflect on the many hours they've spent on trails this fall!
  • We thank Rebecca Hanson for her eight years at the SLA as Director of Conservation, and we wish her all the best on her new endeavor as Executive Director of the Newfound Lakes Region Association!
  • Take the path less traveled this Columbus Day weekend and help us protect the trails and check out these alternative hikes in the Squam Range.
  • Even with the cooler temperatures, tick activity and cyanobacteria blooms are still present. Be aware as you explore the lakes and mountains this fall.
  • Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and racers for supporting conservation in the Squam Lakes Watershed! Read more about the 7th Annual Ridge Race!
  • In this week's conservation journals, Dani reflects on overcoming the fear of the unknown, while Adel wraps up the end of her term of service with stories from the trails!
  • Read about how our Lakes Region Conservation Corps members are reflecting over their terms as summer is drawing to a close in this week's Conservation Journals!
  • NH LAKES has deployed the first waterless watercraft cleaning unit in the Northeast—the CD3 Clean, Drain, Dry & Dispose Unit. Use it at the public boat launch on Route 113 in Holderness!
  • See what our Lakes Region Conservation Corps members are up to in this week's conservation journals!
  • Laugh along with Julia as she learns cyanobacteria monitoring and lament the world's worst weather with Dani in this week's conservation journals!
  • Visit this important piece of local history at the Holderness Historical Society on Saturdays from 10-12.
  • During the summer months, especially July and August, it is common to see large masses of green, filamentous algae in the water as you swim or boat through the lake. Learn more about this natural occurrence.
  • Adel and Haley both reflect on their year of service with the Lakes Region Conservation Corps in this weeks conservation journals.
  • Alison shares her experience sampling for cyanobacteria, while Alyssa shares the highlights of spending time serving in the forest in this week's conservation journals!
  • "Scuba (scu. · ba): An apparatus utilizing a portable supply of compressed gas (as air) supplied at a regulated pressure and used for breathing while swimming underwater. This is an accurate although dull definition of a device that allows you to explore a mysterious realm that would otherwise be inaccessible. "
  • Loons on Squam need your help. Learn more about what you can do to protect them.
  • Come sail the Around the Lake Race for a great cause!
  • Fireworks contain a number of chemicals that can negatively impact the health of the lake, wildlife and humans. Learn more before the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, and help us protect the lakes and watershed by avoiding fireworks year-round.
  • John explains the care that goes into maintaining the SLA's composting toilets, while Hollyn shares the highlights of NH LAKES watershed warrior program!
  • Heather looks forward to a summer in New Hampshire while Alyssa ruminates on the consequences of gaining the "trail maintenance eye" in this week's conservation journals.
  • We had an amazing first week of training for camp!!! I can already tell we have a great team this year and we cannot wait for the inevitable upcoming adventures we are going to have with the campers!
  • With 25 members serving in the Conservation Corps this summer, we have a plethora of stories to tell. Conservation journals now feature experiences from all eight of our host sites in the Lakes Region. You can read four members' journals here.
  • "My second realization was that there’s a ton of “invisible” work that goes into public access. Even though I may not have seen them in person, every time I’ve camped out in a clean campsite, hiked a well-maintained trail, or cast off from a public dock, I’ve been able to do so because of the hard work of caretakers and volunteers. "
  • Trails in the Squam Range and Rattlesnake Network are open.
  • "In place of a photo or video, taking the time to write something down when you’re out in nature is a way to create a special and more meaningful memory. Looking back at your own writing, you are able to put yourself back in a place and time with ease. "
  • While Earth Day has passed, the SLA is still buzzing with the excitement of April's celebrations and events. Between trail work, camp, and outreach, we really enjoyed getting to connect with the community!
  • Tune in for Episode 2 of What's Happening on Squam: Muddy Season and Earth Day, a new podcast initiated by members of the Lakes Region Conservation Corps at the Squam Lakes Association. Each episode will feature stories about recent events at the SLA, conservation happenings, and interviews with members of the Squam community.
  • John and I are in the truck heading east on Route 3. The sun is in my eyes and my arms are covered with goosebumps from the cool morning air. The taste of maple syrup lingers in my mouth from breakfast...
  • Calling all daredevils, thrill-seekers, and Evel Knievels! Tired of the same old, rote skydiving, rollercoaster rides, and whitewater rafting? Have I got news for you! This week I’ve discovered a new pastime that’s guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping: installing wood duck boxes.
  • " If you ever find yourself forced to walk on a wet trail, walk right through the mud! It feels great and it protects the vegetation around the trail."
  • Tune in for Episode 1 of What's Happening on Squam, a new podcast initiated by members of the Lakes Region Conservation Corps at the Squam Lakes Association. Each episode will feature stories about recent events at the SLA, conservation happenings, and interviews with members of the Squam community.
  • " I’ve always loved spring. The increased energy, the ability to bask in the sun without sweating, and the way the season naturally inspires change and improvement."
  • The pull to get out in the fresh air and sunshine will draw many outdoors. However it's important to be patient with the trails in order to protect them! Many boots traveling well-hiked trails after the snow melts can really damage the resource.
  • "As I ready myself to trade in views of forests and mountains for the man-made landscape of a city, I can’t express enough how much we need organizations such as the SLA. A place where the employees, volunteers, and even the community work together to protect the natural world."
  • "I have enjoyed growing in the face of adversity (more specifically in not-ideal field work conditions like high wind chill and freezing temperatures), and I have come out the other side feeling proud of my service."
  • "...as everyone is getting signed in, I begin to realize that today was not going to be my demise."
  • "...I wanted to take some time to highlight the mundane—the “unexciting” aspects of our daily lives at the SLA.  I’m talking about the kind of stuff we don’t put on our posters."
  • SLA members and camp participants can receive a discount on boat building classes at the NH Boat Museum.
  • LRCC AmeriCorps members host students from Plymouth Elementary School for a day of outdoor learning at Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest.
  • "...we dressed as if we were walking on Antarctica, sub-zero temperatures and a wicked wind forced us to cover every centimeter of our bodies. "
  • Sign up for Wilderness First Aid and CPR class at the SLA for this May!
  • “Tell us about a time when you have MacGyvered something,” is one of the most obscure, yet interesting interview questions I have ever been asked....
  • Read about our 22nd annual Winterfest celebration held on Saturday, February 16th - chili cook-off winner, event details and photos!
  • As part of my AmeriCorps service here, I have analyzed trail parameters which are used to improve management of SLA trail resources. As a result of this, I generated and had access to trail data which, in my free time, I used to identify trails whose grade and features would lend themselves well to a vigorous morning ski.
  • During hikes on trail work days, walks on the ice to do water quality, education programs, and even truck rides to and from various locations around Squam Lake, there is always time for us LRCC members to connect with each other, volunteers, and community members.
  • "Eventually, the holidays pass and the New Year arrives. Soon we’ll be strapping ourselves back in and preparing for the upcoming opportunities that await us. In the meantime, we’re going to continue enjoying what winter has to offer. Ice water quality trips, Winterfest,..."
  • Read about our AmeriCorps member's experience at the National Day of Service event in Manchester to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The real reason why we were on Little Squam Lake that day was not to question the existence of a snowman, but to be trained on how to take water quality measurements under the ice.
  • The SLA seeks volunteers to monitor the Squam Lakes in the winter time.
  • She hands the binoculars to me and as I raise them my eyes are met with a spectacular sight. Standing proudly out on the ice is a bald eagle. As I peer out at this majestic creature, everything around me stops. There are no sounds. No one else is in the room. It is just the eagle and I.
  • "Chaos. Pandemonium. Anarchy. These words fail to truly capture the absolute madness that ensues when 18 antsy elementary schoolers are released upon a snow-covered playground after a long day of school."
  • "Being in New Hampshire has provided me with opportunities to see and do things I have never been able to before. The work that we have done so far has been both fulfilling and extremely enjoyable."
  • "....when I run down a trail it turns to sliding or “controlled falling”, which is how the other AmeriCorps members and I have started referring to hiking in the deep snow during our trail work days."
  • "Every once in a while when I make my way into nature I have an intimate and powerful experience if I allow myself to pay attention and listen."
  • We spent the next couple of hours clearing the trail before having to head back down. I think we all learned that we should bring the snowshoes, and I began to learn the challenges and joys of winter hiking.
  • "CRUNCH. The wintery mix of snow and ice gives way from the impact. Shards of frozen water particles rub against each other creating a hoarse sound. A man painfully groans. Birds happily chirp. Suddenly, the ground turns to brown as a liquid oozes over the area. "
  • "I looked around the room, the goofiest smile on my face I am sure, as I tried to contain my excitement over the large rodent"
  • Alex and Cole taking a water break on a trail work day
    "Although I will admit that some of the hands-on activities were a bit awkward at times (like checking for a pulse on a stranger’s bare feet or pulling on someone’s jaw to open up their airways), it was a really interesting course and I feel like I gained a lot from it."
  • "I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about moving across the country to a place I’d never been before, but the area is jaw-droppingly beautiful, my fellow AmeriCorps volunteers are already some of the coolest people I’ve met, and this next year promises to be full of some serious self-development (not without a good dose of fun). What more could I want?"
  • "While it was sad to hear words of good-byes and advice for the future, I am hopeful and beyond happy to start the next chapter in life because I know I’m going into my next chapter, not alone, but with a whole new family. "
  • Button Up New Hampshire, the popular home energy savings workshop series, is coming to Holderness. The Squam Lakes Association and the Holderness Energy Committee are hosting this free workshop for residents.
  • The SLA is seeking awesome staff for our summer youth programs.
  • "A little piece of New Hampshire and the adventures I’ve had here will always be with me, and I’ll be sure to “live free or die” on whatever path my career takes me."
  • "All of my Squam Ridge Race experiences have been exceptional, but this year I got to see, behind the scenes, what goes into putting on an event like this. "
  • "We stopped at Bowman Island and sat at Sunset Ledge while we continued to discuss the clouds, but it was also an opportunity for me and my participants to share experiences relating to Squam and the surrounding region."
  • Just a quick update to let you know that the three chicks on Squam Lake and the chick on Little Squam are growing and looking fantastic!
  • See the results from this year's Squam Ridge Race!
  • Hike or run the ridge to help raise money for the Squam Trail system. Sign up now: www.squamlakes.org/events/squam-ridge-race-1
  • "Looking back to the summer, it is unbelievable the amount of diverse and multifaceted service the AmeriCorps members of SLA tackle."
  • "My time here has not only been fun but has transformed me into the budding conservation professional I have always hoped to be. Here I have found myself delving into a broad range of conservation initiatives, allowing me to expand my education in an applied way."
  • "As the summer winds down and the cool days of fall wait just around the corner, I can’t help but reflect on the variety of changes happening around the lake, at the SLA, and in my own personal life. "
  • "At the time I was just beginning to see all that makes a non-profit function, but since then I have observed so many examples of these partnerships with the SLA, organizations working together to mutually accomplish their missions."
  • "It’s great to see so much life and diversity out in our forests not just because frogs and fungi are cool to look at, but because it speaks to the quality of the ecosystems that we have in the watershed."
  • " It’s campouts like these that makes being a camp counselor the best way to spend a summer. "
  • "This past week I had the opportunity to work with the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) of the Pemi district of the Forest Service. It was a great chance to work alongside young conservationists and introduce them to the type of projects we work on at the Squam Lakes Association. "
  • This past weekend was a very sad one on the Squam Lakes.  Loon Preservation Committee received several reports of a loon tangled in fishing line on Little Squam over the weekend, and I was able to capture it on Sunday.
  • During the summer months, especially July and August, it is not uncommon to see large masses of green, filamentous algae in the water as you swim or boat through the lake. Learn more about this natural occurrence.
  • Join us for SLA's Annual Meeting on Saturday, August 4th, 2018 in the Fisher Family Barn! Meeting will be followed by reception and exhibit opening.
  • "This summer I have had the unique opportunity to be a leader for both SLA summer camps, CYSP and JSLA. At first, I was a little nervous to be switching between the two separate worlds at camp."
  • It's been a great summer so far beneath the surface of Squam as we make further progress in milfoil removal from Big Squam to the dam in Ashland.
  • The SLA is working with experts to understand Squam Watershed contaminants.
  • "I am loving the lake even more every day-something I didn’t think possible! I went backpacking with a group of girls up to black mountain pond and..."
  • "I expected the milfoil growth to be significantly reduced from 2016, and knew that in previous years the invasion has been drastically shrinking on Squam, but to see that kind of improvement, right in front of my eyes, in just a two year span of time blew me away. "
  • Support the Squam Lakes Association while enjoying a “field to fork” dinner at Moulton Farm! Dinner will be served under the tent and a portion of all proceeds will go directly to benefit SLA. Check out the menu!
  • "The joy it brings me each day to provide knowledge and experience to campers and put a smile on their faces cannot be matched and is the reason why I return to Squam Lakes Association each week to teach sailing."
  • I have fantastic news—the remaining loon nest on Squam hatched 2 chicks!! 
  • "One of our campers was afraid of heights and was very hesitant to go up and come back down.... "
  • "As I write my first conservation journal I had to double check that it’s been two months. Not because it went fast, but because of how much I’ve already learned and experienced in such a short amount of time. "
  • There are two new chicks on the Squam Lakes this week!  Against all odds, a chick hatched on Little Squam after 32 days of incubation—normal incubation for loons is 28 days, so this was quite remarkable!
  • "Being able to contribute to another side of SLA’s mission that I did not expect when I first started as an AmeriCorps member is really inspiring and exciting."
  • "Hey! I am psyched to be back for another summer of fun. "
  • "What hit me the most during this program was seeing familiar expressions on the campers’ faces of how I felt when I was their age and reflecting on those moments that truly ignited my passion for the outdoors as a kid. "
  • "When I looked at the training week schedule I was surprised to see that we would be having a day of training with Camp Hale, another summer camp sharing our beautiful lake. "
  • "Though we try to avoid it, every summer we have at least a few campers who turn too quickly or are hit by a gust of wind and their kayak flips over! So in order to be prepared for this situation, we... "
  • Great news, Squam Lake has its first chick of the year! The chick hatched on Wednesday and the parents are very busily taking care of it, trying to convince the sometimes reluctant chick to eat all the minnows they bring!
  • "Swimming has always been my favorite summer activity and now I get to experience it in an entirely new way. I have always been one to stay in the water as long as I can, now with the proper equipment I can do just that! "
  • It's been another busy week on the Squam Lakes!  I'm delighted to report that we have two new nests on Squam! 
  • "In the short month I have been here I’ve experienced so many breathtaking views, days of hard work, and rewarding challenges to overcome. I always expected my education to slow down after graduating from college, but at the SLA it is still full speed ahead!"
  • Sign up now for the 2018 Squam ridge Race. Space limited to the first 200 racers.
  • "I see people dreaming bigger because of the new capacity. I see improvement, and the bar was already set high."
  • On June 2, 2018, the Squam Lakes Association officially opened the Brooks Fisher Trail with a ribbon cutting ceremony and guided hike.
  • Nests have seemingly been popping up all over! We had one nest last week, and this week four more pairs have gone on the nest! We now have four nests on Squam Lake, and the pair on Little Squam is nesting also!
  • "This is just the beginning. It feels great to be learning to care and advocate for this watershed that has always been an important part of my life."
  • Welcome to the 2018 Squam Loon Season!  Despite the late ice-out this year (April 27th, latest since 2001!), the loons are off to a fast start!  Loon pairs are mostly settled in their territories, and one pair is already on the nest!!
  • "In between the winter/spring AmeriCorps service term and the current term I took a road trip to see what other interesting places there are in the U.S. My time with the LRCC definitely gave me a different perspective on some of the national parks I went to, and a greater appreciation for the trail systems they maintain. "
  • "Did I mention I’m excited? Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. I think I used to take summer for granted in Texas because it’s sort of summer 8 months out of the year. The warm weather means that we get to really dig into what I feel like our Lakes Region Conservation Corps will do best, field work."
  • "Part 1: Why I Love Serving as an AmeriCorps Member for the SLA... Part 2: Why I Love New Hampshire"
  • Ice is out, spring is here! Check out our ice cam video to watch the ice go out on the lake.
  • "We’ve been able to work a lot more with school groups thanks in part to our fantastic new director of education, Leigh Ann. Being with the kids rekindles my joy of watching them learn and become inquisitive about nature."
  • Learn more about invasive species and the efforts underway to manage them.
  • "Based on all the work we were able to get done this winter and how exciting it was to be a part of this new program, I can't wait to see how the energy here changes as warmer weather comes. "
  • "In the last almost half-year since I arrived in New Hampshire I have been able to do so many incredible things within this amazing community. Not only have I developed my own skills and professional experience, but the integration of conservation, education, and sustainable access that the SLA promotes allowed me to be part of something further reaching than just that."
  • SLA’s Lakes Region Conservation Corps participated in four different service related events around New Hampshire for AmeriCorps Service Week, which took place mid-March.
  • "Another side of the weather effects around New England this time of year deals with mud, probably my least favorite thing about spring. The magical atmosphere of winter is withering away and being replaced by soft, mushy, muddy aspects of early spring."
  • 2017 marked another successful year of milfoil removal from the Squam Lakes watershed!
  • "I’m really excited as we approach the summer season to see how all of the work we’ve been putting into our projects will come into fruition- I’m sure some things will work well, others will fail, and some things will have to be completely re-designed. This is both the curse and blessing of hands-on conservation work and I think we’re all looking forward to the challenges."
  • "It seems fitting to present my highlight reel from this AmeriCorps program, funny stories and poignant moments to give you a glimpse into the countless things I’ve learned in my time here. "
  • AmeriCorps members headed to Maine to learn how our neighbor to the east tackles milfoil management. The summit highlighted the incredible impact that passionate volunteers have on the prevention, detection, and removal of aquatic invasive species!
  • "I guess what I’m trying to say is there are always endless amounts of projects, activities and events to write about and picking and choosing between them isn’t easy... I never thought I would say this, but I don’t want winter to end just yet."
  • In March, the Lakes Region Conservation Corps received disaster preparedness training through an AmeriCorps program known as Ready Corps.
  • "Our goal as members is the same: to “get things done for America”. But our paths are all different. Our experiences, even if they are similar, are all seen from a different perspective."
  • "Although initially overwhelming seeing all of our guests show up all at once, the SLA staff was well equipped to take on any challenge the day brought and we were able to ensure that it went smoothly."
  • "I’ve been able to try a lot of these winter sports and activities for the first time, and have had some great experiences continuing our goal of balancing access and stewardship through the past month. "
  • Lakes Region Conservation Corps (LRCC) AmeriCorps members team up with Lakes Region Conservation Trust and Winnipesaukee Watershed Association for area clean-up event after successful Great Rotary Ice Fishing Derby.
  • "When we were faced with tackling personal projects at the SLA, I was excited to work on a project involving the trails that the SLA maintains within and around the Squam watershed."
  • Be a part of one of the most fun winter community events around Squam Lake! Skating, pond hockey, sledding, mini golf in Piper Cove, bonfire, winter sports demos, amazing raffle prizes and loads of fun—this event is not to be missed!
  • "This past weekend, Ben and I took part in a Wilderness First Aid course at the Holderness School. I must say that the course was not what I expected."
  • "The reason I came back to the SLA to work in the LRCC program was because, despite the love/hate relationship I have with this, I am always pushed outside of my comfort zone. Always safely, and always with plenty of encouragement, and always to do things I never thought I would be doing. "
  • Read about LRCC's exciting MLK Service Day in January.
  • "It’s always a fun and productive use of time to add new skills to our repertoires. I think that’s something that this AmeriCorps program has really shown me – because I’ve had countless opportunities to learn new and useful skills from each and every one of the staff members at this organization."
  • "My second day back I went into the day with a list of things I needed to accomplish, but little did I know I was in for much more than just a day filled with catching up."
  • The SLA seeks volunteers to monitor the Squam Lakes in the winter time.
  • "A recent learning experience involved ice harvesting at Rockywold Deephaven Camps. It was fantastic. It was right after the cold snap so the ice was in good form. The other LRCC members and I donned our microspikes and set off onto the ice."
  • The SLA is seeking awesome staff for our summer youth programs.
  • "As someone who is lucky enough to be working in the conservation field, however, another aspect of the trip really stood out to me. We spent some time at the state parks in the city, and as we hiked or biked around an overwhelming proportion of the plants and animals we came across were invasive species. "
  • "I don’t want to complain about it, I’d rather like to focus on the positive aspects of the events. I’ve reestablished my plowing proficiencies and upgraded myself to a plowing Jedi master. "
  • Get in the running for that perfect weekend at your favorite campsite on the lake! You must be an SLA member to enter the lottery.
  • We are now accepting applications for our new AmeriCorps program, the Lakes Region Conservation Corps (LRCC)! Click here to read more about the program, LRCC host sites, and to apply!
  • "The start of winter allows me to participate in one of my favorite activities, winter birding. "
  • Interested in sending a child in your life to summer camp on Squam? Download one of our printable gift cards. We'll open registration for all of our summer youth programs (JSLA and sailing) in mid-January.
  • "It’s my favorite thing to do during our snowy hikes, look along the path for different animal tracks and things. "
  • "The arrival of winter has also brought several less-awesome/more-frustrating moments, most of them revolving around the beloved boat Calypso. "
  • Join us for a morning walk full of learning about common wintering bird species frequently found around Squam Lake!
  • "Have you ever wondered what it’s like to plow 6+ inches of snow? Well, now is your chance to find out."
  • "From my experience here, I’ll take away lessons about turning little parts of a goal into tangible results and how to survive a winter in New England."
  • Whether you would like to decorate a loon, pine tree, maple leaf, canoe, moose, snowflake, or crayfish shaped cookie, there is something for everyone! These animals all play unique roles in the Squam watershed ecosystem, which we can learn about while we decorate.
  • "The one thing I can say is that I miss seeing a lot of the summer regulars, and I hope that with the increased amount of winter events that we are hosting some of the summer folk will have increased incentive to experience and enjoy the area in the winter as I am. "
  • "The point I am making with these two examples is that we often work on tasks that take us a surprisingly long amount of time, which takes a great deal of endurance."
  • Join a beautiful stargazing session – learn about constellations that are present in this hemisphere at this time of year! Even learn a little bit about celestial navigation – in case you’re stuck out in the woods.
  • "I have learned and experienced so much in the short time I have been here it's hard to believe it’s only been a month. "
  • Join us for a low intensity hike through Belknap Woods, with stops to explore amphibian specific habitats along the trail. This will include a focus on the importance of wetlands, vernal pools, and cover objects for native amphibian species, and conservation concerns regarding amphibians.
  • "I’ve realized that the SCI program barely scratched the surface of what conservation work with the Squam Lakes Association really means. It was still of course an amazing program, there’s just only so much you can do and teach newcomers during the short but busy three month summer season. "
  • "The Squam watershed has rapidly become home to me, and I’ve enjoyed so many different activities, such as running to the top of the Rattlesnake Mountains on my days off, finishing the start of the brand-new Fisher Ridge Trail, and helping to answer 211 calls from victims of the Halloween flood event. "
  • Enjoy a sunset hike from Eagle Cliff while learning about the different winter creatures and plants in the region along the way.
  • Explore Chamberlin Reynolds Memorial Forest and the many recreational campsites the SLA has to offer! Join LRCC AmeriCorps member, Becca, as she provides you with information about all of the campsites, how SLA sustainably maintains the area, how our composting system works, and where to catch the best sunset!
  • "I am thrilled to continue the work I started in the summer months. The duties are changing, the weather has certainly changed, but my love for all things Squam isn’t going anywhere. "
  • "They’re a group of educationally hardened, passionately driven, and tenaciously… tenacious individuals that complete this AmeriCorps super team."
  • "Through the day, I got to listen to stories from people who have been hiking around Squam for decades, one particularly interesting recollection involving a VW bug being driven up Rattlesnake 30 years ago, as well as the excitement of hikers who were exploring Rattlesnake for the very first time. "
  • "It’s been a surreal experience returning to Squam Lake after what seems like forever, even though it’s been a little less than a year since I was here last. "
  • Assess aquatic systems by learning to identify different microorganisms found in our NH lakes and streams!
  • Join Lakes Region Conservation Corps (LRCC) AmeriCorps member Kyle Salmons in the Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest for a hands on look at environmentally friendly camping.
  • "For me it was a great way to see how much the community cares about this place and made me better understand just how important the work we are doing truly is. "
  • More than 100 gathered on November 1st to hear a panel of experts discuss toxic contaminants in the Squam Watershed.
  • The answers to the contractor questions about the Squam Watershed Plan Request for Qualifications are now available.
  • Join the Squam Lakes Association and Plymouth State University for a public meeting to discuss recent contaminants found in the Squam watershed.
  • The SLA invites interested parties to submit qualifications packages to assist with the development of the Squam Watershed Plan
  • Join us for SLA's Annual Fall Work Day on Saturday, October 14th from 9:30am to 3:00pm. This is a chance to help us clean up after a successful year of conservation work, and to connect/reconnect with the Squam community!
  • Check out Ridge Race results, highlights, and photos from the event! Thanks to all the participants, sponsors, and land owners for making it such a spectacular day!
  • Join us for the 5th annual Squam Ridge Race. 12 miles, 3 summits, 3000 feet of elevation gain with 82% of the course on trails, or 4 miles and 1 summit.
  • "I was confronted with many 'lasts' as I finished up my final work day with pulling the invasive terrestrial bittersweet and checking in campers with Becca, but I was comforted with remembering some of my 'firsts.'"
  • "Next is type two fun; activities that in the moment can be quite miserable, but looking back upon the completed adventure you can see the fun in it all. Over the internship we had our fair share of type one fun moments, but I feel that it was the type two moments that will be sticking with me as I head back to college this fall."
  • "I intend on making the most of these last days by working diligently, exploring the area, and sharing experiences with other interns."
  • Join Squam Lakes Intern, Becca Cohler, for a morning kayak tour on White Oak Pond to discuss all things turtle!
  • "The Lakes region and the SLA possess such a love and passion for its land, which I will carry back to my land in my heart."
  • "Regardless, people wave and smile when they see our odd looking boat, a tribute to the sense of community created by the lake, the likes of which I really have never experienced in a region so large."
  • Join conservation intern, Jonathan Brock at the Fisher Family Barn to learn the basics of rock climbing.
  • "Sometimes it’s the little things, and finding community and sense of place amongst the ranks of SLA’s movers and shakers makes me realize that it’s a big mission, but I am a big part of that mission."
  • "While pulling 100+ gallons of milfoil in a day is extremely rewarding, for me, the jobs that I have found to be the most rewarding are perhaps what some others might consider to be a bit tedious."
  • "This summer has put into perspective the kind of work needed to maintain a thriving natural area. From trail maintenance for the public to milfoil removal for the fishes I feel as though I have done it all. I feel as though I am a part of something much bigger than myself. I am a part of this whole community. "
  • Join Conservation Intern Stephen Ramage for a trail run on a section of the Squam Range!
  • "But as I looked back at the boat and my exhausted but happy team members, instead of feeling disappointment at how much there still was to do, I felt satisfaction at what we had accomplished so far and determination to continue. "
  • "I have experienced firsthand the impact a small number of individuals can make on the community and environment."
  • "The work is hard, but rewarding. I love to hike, and it is great to finally be able to give back in such a tangible way."
  • This program is a guided walk and talk about beavers through Belknap woods to educate participants about beaver biology, their interactions with the ecosystem, and beaver history in the area.
  • "I’ve hiked in this area since I was little, but it wasn’t until this summer that I realized how much dedication needs to be put into trails to maintain their integrity."
  • "As I sit on Millie absorbed in my thoughts, I seemed to morph into the surroundings, and the wildlife began to emerge."
  • "I hope that everyone who attended my Adventure Ecology program was able to walk away with a growing sense of appreciation, and excitement for the plants around them in their lives."
  • Take a stroll around the SLA headquarters to see examples of all the different types of species interactions that occur in nature and learn about how they work in harmony to create a balance.
  • "This, I believe, will be one of the biggest takeaways from my work with the Squam Lakes Association: that with proper care and minimal human impact, ecosystems can recover."
  • "And while our knowledge of – and appreciation for – these plants and the physics and engineering behind our eradication tools have increased exponentially over the past month and a half, I find myself discovering and learning far beyond the reaches of what I expected."
  • Join SLA Conservation intern, Alice Goldstein-Plesser, and unveil the otherwise invisible and overlooked creatures that surround us. Learn about their fascinating abilities and their important role in the environment.
  • "I sat on that dock and thought about how all of this work is not just so the visitors can enjoy this beautiful land, but I too am able to enjoy it."
  • "What’s my favorite job out here? Oh dear reader, if only that was a simple question to answer."
  • Join SLA intern, Tamara Few, as she takes you on a one mile loop in Whitten Woods to view native flora species.
  • "Today is a good metaphor for this internship as a whole. When I take it day by day it seems that we have accomplished many small things but when I think back on what we have done I am amazed at how much has occurred. "
  • "Squam Lake, though not host to Ursula-esc octopi, is home to some truly intriguing creatures, many of which I have now experienced in close quarters. "
  • Join Conservation Intern Nathan Dulaney for an ecology walk through Belknap Woods. The main theme for this program is looking at the primary ecological role of several major groups found living in a forest and how they are connected to each other. Ages 10 & up are welcome!
  • "Luckily for me, scuba diving for the prolific variable milfoil is one of the more common things that we do as interns for “work” and it is quickly becoming my favorite."
  • "Every day I wake up and head off to work I have no idea what to expect, the only certain is that I know I am prepared, and able to respond."
  • "Now that I am scuba certified, I can assist in SLA’s mission to remove variable milfoil from Squam Lake. "
  • SLA conservation intern Riley Harris will help participants explore the potential impacts climate change will have on local ecology.
  • "Being away from home is challenging, diving still gives me a shock of anxiety, and the thought of trail work makes me feel like I am Bilbo going up against Smaug... BUT, I know in my heart that all of these challenges and all of the work that the interns are doing will force me to grow in all aspects of my life. "
  • "On one side of the car lie the woods, and Squam rests on the other. I feel connected to both, a bond forged through my interactions within them."
  • Join Conservation Intern Elizabeth Wolf for a fern identification walking tour through SLA's Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest. Ages 8 & up are welcome.
  • "I had always assumed that Squam existed in large part due to the gentle footprints left by those that visit. My time at SLA this summer has proven me very wrong – in fact there are people all over the lake fighting tooth and nail to keep Squam a pristine ecosystem."
  • "Together our efforts allow the public to enjoy all the trails here on Squam. I am very much looking forward to not only working to maintain the trails, but also spending my off days hiking them for pleasure."
  • “I always like a good challenge and these two weeks have not disappointed.”
  • "I go to bed exhausted every night entirely satisfied having accomplished something that day."
  • Join us at the Squam Lakes Association for a family friendly event to kick-off summer and celebrate and explore all of the work that goes into conserving the Squam Watershed.
  • "I bonded with my house-mates through hours of talking and snacking in the kitchen and living room. Constantly munching on something or other as we moved from ten strangers to ten friends."
  • The 2017 Squam Conservation Intern bios are now posted! Meet the team who will be the driving force behind the SLA's conservation mission.
  • Explore the ecology and types of toxic cyanobacteria found in New Hampshire lakes and present recent research that examines the potential human health risks of cyanobacteria blooms.
  • Ice is out, spring is here! Check out our ice cam video. The camera missed the ice out due to an intense wind storm, but captured the coming of spring on the lake.
  • Join us on Wednesday, April 19th as we explore the world of the Ham Radio and how it helped us to run a safe and efficient Squam Ridge Race
  • 2016 marked another successful year removing the invasive variable milfoil from the Squam Lakes.
  • On the schedule for March, local artist and photographer, Jon Secord will present time-lapse photography of various landscapes in New Hampshire.
  • While the summer crowds hibernate, you can embrace a variety of SLA hiking trails this season! The Squam Lakes Association provides plenty of winter friendly opportunities for all levels. Here are 5 of the best winter hikes around Squam.
  • This is a great way to get outdoors and embrace the season! Join the Squam Lakes Association for a full day of family friendly events!
  • Join us Wednesday, February 8th to learn about the art and science of Celestial Navigation from specialist, Steve Durham. This is one speaker series where you are sure to walk away with skills that will guide you in the night sky and beyond.
  • Because monitoring the lakes doesn't end with summer! Sign up to monitor water quality this winter.
  • We continue to make significant strides on the Squam Watershed Plan! A public meeting will be held in late spring or early summer to share project developments. Stay tuned for the date!
  • Rower by day, writer by night- Mary Ann Lee McGarry, long-time environmental science educator at Plymouth State University, writes a beautiful piece about her experience with Squam Community Rowing on Squam Lake.
  • Join us on Wednesday January 25th @ 7PM to hear about local ski legend Dan Egan, his ties to the Squam Community, his exciting Skiing Career and the Hall of Fame!
  • In mid- autumn, Ashland Elementary School students were able to take two exploratory field trips to the newly established conservation area in Ashland known as Whitten Woods. The trips were led by long-time environmental educator and current Plymouth State University graduate student, Carolyn Loeb, and chaperoned by Ashland teachers and school staff. 
  • Considering using a de-icer this year? Before you do make sure to consider the safety, environmental and legal issues involved.
  • Winter is just around the corner! There are a number of resources to help property owners, business owners, and towns to maintain safe roads, driveways and parking lots while protect the health of our surface and ground water.
  • Are you ready to make your summer plans for 2017?
  • Join us for a talk on making the case to conserve upland areas in and around the Squam watershed.
  • The 2016 Squam Ridge Race was a huge success! Despite an early morning thunderstorm many racers took to the ridge line and gave it their all. The fire pit kept folks warm, our amazing volunteers on the grills kept the food coming, and the aid stations and trail monitors supported racers throughout the day!
  • "I am leaving this internship with a newfound appreciation for all of the work that goes into preserving an area such as Squam."
  • "To myself and the eight interns that I’m proud to call my friends, this lake has nurtured our bodies and souls the way that only the most special places may."
  • "I just really enjoy working with the summer camp because the kids are always great and it is nice to get the opportunity to work with other members of the SLA staff."
  • Join SLA milfoil experts at the Cottage Place on Little Squam this Saturday, August 20th from 9-11. We'll teach you aquatic ecology basics and plant identification, and the Cottage Place will provide coffee, snacks, and a spot to peek into the Lake.
  • Come join the fun. You can choose to run competitively or complete one of two routes as a hike. Register by Wednesday August 17th to be garanteed a technical race t-shirt.
  • "All of the events and programs organized by or in collaboration with SLA are efforts that bring people together who have a connection to the Squam community in order to communicate ideas, support a cause, or expand our understanding of the region."
  • Join Conservation Intern Maggie Kelly for a short walk through Squam Lake Association’s (SLA) woods to learn about native tree species and how to identify them!
  • "I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of what it means to work to conserve the natural environment, and how to do so while still letting people enjoy and respect nature in a responsible way."
  • Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is joining with Holderness School to host a special showing of the documentary film Most Likely to Succeed. Dr. Tony Wagner, of Harvard University's Innovation Lab, will share this compelling 90-minute film focused on inspiring and empowering communities to take action against the flaws in their American school systems.
  • "There’s a light side and a dark side to having days off when it comes to the SLA internship."
  • Conservation Intern, Olivia Roberts, will lead a kayaking tour around Squam to observe and listen to the different birds around the lake, both in the water and in the trees. Participants will first learn the four basic strokes of kayaking, then proceed to kayak around the lake, all while keeping a lookout for the loons and their chicks!
  • "Trail work helps maintain the integrity of the natural landscape for all of us to enjoy."
  • A detailed and thoughtful discussion for property owners seeking to ensure the land they love will become part of a family legacy that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Four Squam property owners discuss their own challenges, limitations, and triumphs in dealing with this important issue.
  • "I am really enjoying these last few weeks I have left here. I am trying to take it in as much as possible and take advantage of every opportunity I get."
  • "Maybe our job title should actually read: conservation intern and professional troubleshooter."
  • The White Oak Pond Watershed Association, in collaboration with the Squam Lakes Association and the Squam Lakes Conservation Society, is sponsoring a classic rock concert and dance at the beautiful Fisher Family Activity Barn in Holderness! This event raises funds for the Marry H. Perry Conservation fund which helps preserve open land in the White Oak Pond Watershed, for future generations to enjoy.
  • Updating the Squam Watershed Plan is a community effort! The Online Visioning Session is an opportunity for all of our community members to shape the Vision Statement for the new Watershed Plan.
  • Join Squam Conservation Intern, Katri Gurney, in a tranquil walk through Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest while discussing the history of the forest surrounding Squam Lake and identifying trees native to the region. Expect to walk a minimum of two miles and a maximum of four miles. Participants will meet in the east parking lot. All ages are welcome.
  • "It really shows how just a handful of divers who are passionate about conserving this beautiful area can truly make a difference in such a short amount of time."
  • "Working on Squam continues to be a constant surprise and persistent pleasure."
  • Join SLA Conservation Staff on Saturday (7/23/16) in Piper Cove for a morning of Weed Watching! We'll be running these events every Saturday morning all summer.
  • During the summer months, especially July and August, it is not uncommon to see large masses of green, filamentous algae in the water as you swim or boat through the lake. Learn more about this natural occurrence.
  • "We are lucky to have healthy, happy loons here on Squam, thanks to conservation work from the Loon Preservation Committee and organizations like Squam Lakes Association. "
  • Join Conservation Intern Erin Shilling on Friday, July 22nd from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. for a chance to learn more about creative cooking in the outdoors! Ages 12 and up are welcome.
  • Join SLA Conservation Staff on Saturday (7/16/16) in Dog Cove as we kick off a summer of Weed Watching! We'll be running these events every Saturday morning all summer, stay tuned for specific locations.
  • "It feels good knowing that I am not only doing something I enjoy, but I am helping protect the lake as well."
  • Come sail the Around the Lake Race for a great cause!
  • "Simple machines are wondrous!"
  • Join Conservation Intern Kyle Zollo-Venecek on Friday, July 15th from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. for a guided paddle and discussion about the water cycle with the added feature of cloud gazing. Ages 10 and up are welcome!
  • "It’s hard to know how well information about conservation work is being received and taken to heart by people not directly involved in the work, so getting out there as a lake host has been a great way to see that people are actually listening and do care."
  • Join SLA Conservation Staff on Saturday (7/9/16) in Dog Cove as we kick off a summer of Weed Watching! We'll be running these events every Saturday morning all summer, stay tuned for specific locations.
  • The Watershed Plan update process is well underway. There are a few opportunities for public involvement coming up in July. Add your insight, experience, and ideas to the plan update this month!
  • "One of the reasons that this lake has stayed the way it has over so many years is due to the hard work of... people that volunteer their time to conserve the watershed around Squam."
  • Join Conservation Intern Maggie Gaiero on Friday, July 8th for a scavenger hunt through using navigational skills and compasses! All ages welcome. Family groups encouraged.
  • "The main message of Squam Keeping is making our presence known across the whole lake, and to spread our message of conservation to the public."
  • Join SLA Conservation Staff on Saturday (7/2/16) in Cotton Cove as we kick off a summer of Weed Watching! We'll be running these events every Saturday morning all summer, stay tuned for specific locations.
  • The SLA is excited to announce our 4th Annual Squam Canoe Classic! This is a very approachable bass tournament experience with plenty of good natured sportsmanship to go around. This fishing series is all about the love of the lake, having a great time on the water and landing the big one.
  • Join Conservation Intern Jordan Jones as he teaches basic fishing skills to kids ages 7-13 on Friday, July 1st.
  • Highlights include continued healthy waters in the lake, an increase in stocked salmon to manage a dwindling population, a hugely successful season of milfoil management, and more acreage of conserved within the watershed.
  • "It is so worthwhile to preserve this watershed."
  • Join Gio, Squam Conservation Intern, on June 24, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. for an afternoon of interesting and useful techniques on reading nature’s clues. Ages 12 & up are welcome.
  • "As I continue to cross peaks and trails off of my ranger checklist, I am learning that the purpose of becoming a Squam Ranger is not to simply see the sites or walk the land, that is only the means to an end. By traveling the land around Squam, you gain an insight on this special place; you learn the story of Squam and find yourself living in it."
  • Bears are regular visitors around the lake, including at our campsites at Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest. Intern Maggie Kelly provides some basic information on camping in bear country.
  • "I have been hiking all of my life, but I never really put much thought into how much hard work went into making the trails I hiked a possibility. It wasn’t until the second week of training for the internship when we learned the basics of trail maintenance that I began to wrap my mind around how much time and energy goes into making every step along a trail possible."
  • "With SLA every day is something new— ranging from scuba diving for the purpose of removing non-native milfoil to maintaining trails and campsites in order to preserve the surrounding forests. I love the hands on nature of the internship. I love that I’m not glued to a computer screen for eight hours every day."
  • Join the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) on June 17th, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. for a morning of fun and adventure in Belknap Woods. Ages 12 & up are welcome. As part of the SLA Adventure Ecology program series, conservation intern Stevie Raymond will guide a group of participants in a fun exploration of wetlands and the animals that call these fascinating ecosystems home.
  • "I came to this internship really looking forward to all of the new skills I would be learning- scuba diving, trail maintenance, managing aquatic invasive species, getting wilderness first aid certified, along with many others. But I think I’ve had an even better time learning how much actually goes into being a conservation association."
  • "All I could think about was how incredible this watershed is and the opportunity I have to help preserve it. Removing the variable milfoil has multiple benefits that can be felt by many plants, animals, and even us humans. I’m glad to be a part of the ongoing efforts on the lake. The Squam Lakes watershed is the next step I am taking to get closer to my future goals."
  • "Today we learned a couple of new skills that will be crucial for surviving this summer: how to chop firewood, and how to properly remove variable milfoil using the bag technique."
  • Join SLA Conservation Staff on Saturday (6/11) in Grapevine Cove as we kick off a summer of Weed Watching! We'll be running these events every Saturday morning all summer, stay tuned for specific locations.
  • "I have camped in remote regions of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois before coming to Squam, but the sounds of the surrounding wildlife here are much louder and more present than anywhere else I have ever been. I think it says a lot about our conservation efforts."
  • "One of my favorite parts of the internship so far has been the boating. I have realized that I truly belong on the water."
  • "It’s going to be a great summer."
  • Have you ever wanted to row on Squam? Squam Community Rowing (SCR) is offering two "Learn to Row" clinics this coming season. Click here to learn more!
  • summer camp, summer adventure, sailing, hiking, camping
    Summer is just around the corner! Register soon to reserve your spot!
  • The bios for the 2016 Squam Conservation Interns are available now! Meet the faces of those who will be the driving force behind the SLA's conservation mission.
  • "We’re only about a month away from the start of the internship, and I’m basically counting down the days until the interns arrive and the summer work begins."
  • The Watershed Wellness Committee--the group that is steering the watershed plan update--met for the first time on March 23, 2016.
  • Ice out chart
    The ice is out, Spring is here, and we here at the SLA are getting ready for another awesome summer.
  • Eastern Adaptive Sports donates $1000 to the Whitten Woods "Climb to the Top" matched contribution campaign. Check out this story and get inspired to join this community effort.
  • Learn the art and science behind bee keeping! Stop in to the Squam Lakes Association March 23rd from 7-8pm for an interesting presentation by the Pemi - Baker Beekeepers.
  • Learn how to manage an emergency in the backcountry from a SOLO certified instructor. This comprehensive two day course is a fast paced, hands-on training program. It's designed to meet the needs of hikers, skiers, hunters, fisherman, trip leaders, camp staff, and other outdoor enthusiasts who recreate in remote locations. It will introduce you to caring for people who become ill or injured far from definitive medical care.
  • The watershed plan update process is underway! Check out what we've been up to in the past month and what's upcoming.
  • How would the state economy be affected if residents and visitors who fish, boat and swim perceive any negative changes to the water quality in the areas where they recreate?” One of the goals of this study were to create useful information for policy makers, and promote “big picture” thinking that overcomes the perception that growth and healthy public waters are mutually exclusive. Come find out what the numbers mean and why this is so important for the overall health of New Hampshire Lakes.
  • Winter's uneven temperatures and high winds have affected ice formation, particularly on the state's larger lakes. It is not a good idea to drive vehicles on the ice this winter and if on foot make sure to use an auger or chisel to test the ice thickness.
  • The Squam Lakes Association has opened the application process for our seasonal positions. This is a great way to gain professional experience while spending time on Squam. We are looking for conservation interns, environmental camp leaders, sailing instructors and more! Check out the details here!
  • With over 50 participants, the update to the Squam Watershed Plan got off to a great start at our kick off meeting on January 20th. There's still lots of work to do and plenty more opportunities to participate!
  • Are you looking to gain experience with environmental conservation this summer? There's no better place than Squam. Apply now to become a Squam Conservation intern!
  • Top of Whitten
    From our friends at the SLCS- Whitten Woods success, next step trails.
  • After 25 years it's time to revisit the Squam Lakes Watershed Plan. This original document set the bar all those years ago and much has been accomplished since its creation. The time has come to look ahead and develop a document to manage the Squam Lakes Watershed into the future. Community engagement will be essential for creating the best plan possible. Click Here to learn more and how you can become part of this important process.
  • squam lakes association hiking trail markers
    If you've been out hiking in the watershed this autumn you may have come across the SLA's brand new trail markers. These markers are diamond shaped and brightly colored showing SLA's logo. They are designed to help people stay on the trail and avoid getting lost. They also do a good job of letting folks know what trails are maintained by the SLA. Check out this story if you'd like to help or learn more about the new markers.
  • 2015 was a great year for milfoiil removal on Squam
    2015 marked another successful year removing the invasive variable milfoil from the Squam Lakes.
  • The air is crisp and the views are fantastic! It's time to get out for a hike up Red Hill. Join SLA guide Connor for a 1.7 mile hike to some amazing views of the Lakes Region. Friday, October 30th from 10-1pm
  • Jon Secord is a landscape and wildlife photographer living in Meredith, NH. He specializes in landscape astrophotography, showcasing the beauty of the New England landscape under the amazing night sky.
  • At the SLA's 2014 Annual Meeting, researchers from Plymouth State University conducted a survey investigating how SLA members value the organization's work to maintain and enhance the Squam Watershed. A summary of the findings from this survey is now available.
  • The 2015 Squam Ridge Race was a huge success! Despite a foreboding forecast many racers took to the ridge line and gave it their all. The fire pit kept folks warm, our amazing volunteers on the grills kept the food coming and the Aid Stations supported racers throughout the day!
  • "There are so many things we did for the first time this summer, but not for the last. We will not say goodbye to this beautiful place. We will not say farewell to the lake we spent our summer on. And we will not say adios to the people we spent the last 93 days with, because this will not be the last you see of us."
  • "Squam Lake is one of the most preserved areas I’ve ever visited, and it’s like the whole watershed is alive in High-Definition. All of what I’ve seen and witnessed during my few months here is a gift. "
  • "Although I will be upset to leave this place, I will keep the experiences of this summer in the highest reaches of my memory. Every sunset and starry night sky, every solemn loon call in the dusk of the lake, and even every squashed mosquito on the back of my neck; there was not one moment of being on Squam this summer, where I wished I was somewhere else. "
  • "The skills I have learned here have transcended every possible thought I could have had on what I would learn. I feel like I can do anything."
  • We are looking for someone to work weekends until October 13th
  • Come and pick yours up today! After two years in the making the SLA is happy to announce the new Squam Lakes Charts are here and available for sale. While staying true to the origional Washburn map, this version has been updated to reflect all the changes that have taken place since the early 60s.
  • "If there’s one area of this internship in which I believe I’ve grown the most, it’s diving. It was definitely the aspect that I was most excited about, but it took me a while to get comfortable with it. At first, I was apprehensive to take my diving to greater depths, as I had difficulty equalizing pressure in my ears while descending. This began to worry me, as diving is one of the main tasks that we participate in throughout the summer, and I hoped to explore more areas after my time here on Squam. "
  • Coming up next week are two amazing opportunities for people of all ages to get outside, enjoy summer, and dive into the interesting world of nature, art, and ecology on Squam! In Connecting Art with Nature, Conservation intern Coral Tucker will lead participants on an adventure focused on using various art forms to create lifelong relationships with the outdoors. In Composting on Squam intern Kyle Salmons will lead participants on a paddle to Moon Island in order to explain the Clivus composting system employed by the SLA.
  • "The opportunity to band loons with the LPC was one the other interns and I could not pass up. We left SLA at 9:00 PM to go loon banding on one of the work boats, Calypso, and another smaller boat to go out and catch the loons in. The mission included tagging two adult loons and their two chicks."
  • Count em' - 34 SAVES! That’s how many fragments of hitchhiking aquatic invasive species Lake Hosts have captured and removed from boats and trailers in New Hampshire so far this summer.
  • kayaking, LRCT, hike, Squaw Cove, rattlesnake
    Join the Lakes Region Conservation Trust for a paddle and hike!
  • "Lake heroes are all around us, even though we don’t necessarily recognize their presence all the time. Let’s talk about some of the unspoken champions of Squam Lake: the oh-so-luxurious composting toilets."
  • bass, lead free tackle, squam, nh, fishing, research
  • Adventure Ecology Trip: Guided Nature Walk with Conservation Intern Gabie Wolf and the iNaturalist Smartphone App! Squam Lakes Association Intern Gabie Wolf will be leading an informative “how to” session on the popular *iNaturalist* smart phone application, followed by a guided nature walk through Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial. Come along for the adventure!
  • "This lifestyle I’ve found myself taking on has gifted me many more captivating moments than I had ever dreamed of as a child. My last journal entry dates back over a month ago, and so much has taken place here that’s it’s tough to put a finger on just one thing. A special facet of my life this summer has been in the deepening of my relationship with nature"
  • "This Sunday, I watched an inchworm crawl for what seemed like hours. I was bored; Obscenely bored. And it was great. Don’t get me wrong; I hated it in the moment. More than anything I wanted a squirrel to come try to make away with my food or a camper to need my assistance, but looking back on it, it was a wonderful experience of self-reflection."
  • "Pulling this seemingly ordinary plant is what is preserving Squam Lakes to a degree that is worth getting dirty, wet, cold, tired, and even scared for. Whenever us interns receive the common “thank you for your work!” comment, we know our work is being appreciated. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re servicing not only the community and its inhabitants, but also a precious ecosystem that is being saved long before it even has the slightest chance of depleting."
  • Got a skunk under the porch or deer nibbling your garden peas? Help for these and other common wildlife issues is now just a mouse click away.
  • "With the summer flying by at an alarming pace, I find myself making an extra effort to slow it down any way I can. Within the menagerie of daily tasks, which have blended together in a wild sprint of routines, I have tried to consciously hold on to singular moments."
  • "As I sit in the cabin on this Fourth of July, I read through my personal journal and relive the last two weeks. I do this as a calm and steady rain hit the pine needles and birch trees, droplets trickling down onto the roof of the caretaker’s cabin.The beginning of the first week was hectic, I recall as I flipped through the pages of my journal. My memories are scattered with feelings of anxiety, stress, and most importantly of triumph."
  • sci squam lakes association internship
    A guided sunset hike and a photography lesson all in one trip! What's not to love? Make some time Friday, July 10th for a fantastic outting you're going to love.
  • The newly published 2015 Squam Watershed Report that examines water quality, fish populations, invasive species, boat traffic, land conservation efforts, and the loon population.
  • Check out the latest news on Squam's Loons delivered straight from the experts at the Loon Preservation Committee. Presenting the early July report!
  • "One of the tasks for the weekend was raising all the docks. Due to the amount of rain in the past week and the rain that came while I was out camping the docks were almost underwater and were getting hit with waves, adding wear and tear. It was windy, cloudy, and cold when Julian, who was camping on Bowman Island, and I went out to raise the docks."
  • Fireworks contant a number of chemicals that can negatively impact the health of the lake, wildlife and humans. Learn more before the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, and help us protect the lakes and watershed by avoiding fireworks year-round.
  • "I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first night camping alone. The closest thing to camping alone I’ve done is getting a single dorm room at college. That’s basically one step past sleeping in your own room at home. This was different. I had to prepare everything ahead of time to make sure that everything was going to go smoothly. I needed food, water, shelter. The necessities of life. Granted, my food was mac and cheese, my water was encased in a giant five gallon jug, and my shelter was a huge four person tent I was going to be able to stretch out in. Still, that’s rustic for me. I've spent most of my life around electronics, so when I have to clean dishes with lake water I’m out of my element."
  • Come along and take a walk you’ll surely enjoy! On our second Adventure Ecology trip of the summer. Squam Conservation Intern, Douglas McMillan will be guiding a hike through the Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest to seek out as many habitats and ecosystems as possible, with a focus on building natural awareness.
  • "For the first two hours, Coral and I worked tirelessly on the boat to keep the massive amounts milfoil from flooding the DASH table. The divers pulled almost eighty gallons. Not only do all the plants need to be spread out and dried before being piled into bins, all the dirt that comes up the suction tubes clogs the mesh table, which leads to massive flooding and chaos."
  • loons squam lakes association
    Check out the latest news on Squam's Loons delivered straight from the experts at the Loon Preservation Committee
  • squam sailing CYSP JSLA SLA
    Make sure to catch the evening news on WMUR Wednesday night! SLA's sailing program will be featured as part of a segement on sailing in the lakes region.
  • "The past month has been all about perspective. Even in its most literal definition, my view of the lake has changed from my cottage in Moultonborough Bay to the lily-speckled inlet of Piper Cove. But the most dynamic change, and by far the most evident in my eyes at least, is the feeling of responsibility that I have adopted since my employment at the Squam Lakes Association. The lake means that much more to me now that I am investing my own time and energy into protecting it."
  • "I find it hard to believe that we have been here for a month. One third of the internship is over. I feel as if I just arrived, yet as if I have known my fellow interns for much longer. This work doesn’t seem like work, it seems like a vacation where we occasionally have to do “stuff”.
  • Admission to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is free for SLA members on Saturday, June 20th as we celebrate water!
  • "We have been living and working on Squam for over three weeks, but it feels like a year. Together we have accomplished so much, from earning our scuba diving certification to building an incredibly strong community. A fly on our wall would see a group of productive, driven, and incredibly jovial people who, I believe, have already become life long friends."
  • It's been a busy couple days on the Squam Lakes, and I have wonderful news to report--3 nests!!! After a couple days of busily building their nest, the pair on Little Squam settled in, and we have two pairs on Big Squam that have begun nesting as well!
  • "Instead of giving me all the answers, Brett made me figure things out for myself, which helps you become not only a better boater, but a better learner as well. "
  • Join the SLA on Wednesday, June 17th on another in-depth look at Squam's water quality with Greg Disanto, who recently completed his Master's in Environmental Science and Policy from Plymouth State University.
  • I keep waiting for this job to feel like work, yet all of our time spent on Squam has been enjoyable. The other interns and I have quickly evolved into great friends as we bond over our new experiences and there hasn’t been a day when we haven’t ended up all laughing together. I couldn’t imagine a better way to explore, and learn about the beautiful area of Squam Lake than by camping on the islands, hiking the surrounding mountains for a spectacular view of the landscape, or scuba diving along the bottom of the lake...
  • Dust off your kayak and join the Loon Preservation Committee for the 4th Annual Yakking for Loons on Friday July 10th! There will be two course to choose from. There will be prizes, lunchis included and kayaks for rent at a big discount. Stop by and support the Loon Preservation Committee!
  • Squam rachel carley
    "Squam" This complete story of the Squam area tells the tale of the people, places and events that shaped a legacy. Order your copy of the limited edition 2nd printing of Rachel Carley’s book Squam NOW at a special pre-publication price!
  • Squam. What a place. The first time I had ever been to New Hampshire I was on my way to Maine for a ski trip with my friends...
  • Our time here out on Squam Lake has been a bit of a work-cation, I’d say. Things are heating up (literally) as we enter into our third scuba lesson tomorrow, with the certification dives on the radar for this weekend. Same goes for the commercial boating test on Saturday. More responsibility is loading onto the shoulders of us interns as we pick up on new skills and procedural protocol to follow out on the job....
  • So far, I've spent about a week out at Squam Lakes, and I've loved every minute of it. This is actually my first time I've been in the New England area, and I'm seriously considering staying out here after the summer ends...
  • The SLA has been battling milfoil on Squam for fifteen years. While this fight is truly a story of success, we need your help!
  • SLa mount morgan
    Great News!! All 52 miles of SLA Trails are now Open!
  • I can’t believe that it’s been nearly a year since I first set foot at the SLA. After the fantastic experience that I had last summer, I could not be happier to be returning as this year’s Conservation Intern Manager.
  • Squam Kids
    We are starting a kids' activity day. Every Friday at 11:00 we will host kids ages 1-6 at our facility, teaching them about the outdoors, rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and any other fun thing we can think of. Please come and join us on Fridays. Wa are ending this program for the summer. Check back in the fall for a new season.
  • Don't miss this! June 27th Squam Community Rowing will host a Learn to Row clinic coached by Kay MacDonald, former head of the US Olympic Development Team for scullers. Kay has been rowing and coaching for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience. Squam Community Rowing is thrilled to have this opportunity to learn with Kay and hope you will join.
  • Woody Thompson
    Keeping an eye out for Woody! Woody is currently assisting with the New Hampshire Geological Survey. An effort to map the surficial geology of the state. Maps show the various earth materials like sand and gravel that cover much of the bedrock, which were formed by Ice Age glaciers and more recent processes. These maps are widely used for natural resource and groundwater studies, land-use applications, and for educational purposes in learning about the geologic history of New Hampshire.
  • Hundreds came to celebrate the season at this year’s Winterfest. It was the perfect winter day with snow flying, pick-up hockey on the ice and a roaring bonfire.
  • Dreaming of those long summer days? Well here's your chance to land that perfect Squam Lakes campsite for that perfect summer weekend. The 2015 SLA Camping Lottery opens January 1st. Don't miss it!
  • Sign up for summer camp and get ready for the summer of a lifetime!
  • A Plymouth State graduate student is investigating the relationship between climate and water quality in Squam and Ossipee Lakes.
  • Learn about the state of the Squam Watershed in this newly published report.
  • squam lakes invasive species
    Invasive insects are spreading across portions of the state. The effects are becoming more evident throughout NH's forested landscapes. NH's Cooperative Extention is stoping by the SLA September 24th from 7-8pm to help folks understand how to ID and manage these pests when an infestation is discovered.
  • The results are in. Thanks to all the volunteers, runners, and land owners the event was a success!!
  • On our last night at Squam, the five interns who hadn’t left yet (plus our intern manager Ian) all decided to go out to check in campers together. Going to the sites together is something that we hadn’t done since the beginning of the summer when we were learning how to do camping duties. It was nice to finish off the summer the way that we started it: together...
  • As our last big shebang as interns at the Squam Lakes Association we went on a canoe paddle down the Baker...
  • loons squam lakes
    The annual count of loons on New Hampshire's lakes revealed a slight increase over last year, but experts caution the census only provides a glimpse into the true population.
  • squam bass study
    Anglers fishing the Squam Lakes are asked to release any largemouth and smallmouth bass they catch that were radio tagged as part of a New Hampshire Fish and Game study
  • As I sit here writing my final intern journal, I cannot help but feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to spend 3 wonderful months preserving the environmental integrity of the Squam Lakes Region. Long days of pulling milfoil or splitting, stacking, and bundling wood have given me important perspective into the world of conservation work....
  • I could not have asked for a better experience being with the Squam Lakes Association this summer. Moving to New Hampshire has been my first extended period away from Wisconsin and has been a great adventure...
  • One of the best parts about this internship is camping on the islands for the weekend. It's a nice break from the seemingly never-ending weekday schedule of 10 hour dive days or camping days...
  • Brian Gagnon sandwich
    Do you have a piece of Squam you cherish and call your own? Are you interested in ensuring the land you love will become part of a legacy that will be enjoyed from one generation to the next? Listen to the stories of four local property owners as they describe how their families have approached this important issue.
  • As I reflect on my internship here at the SLA I look back on all the work we’ve done and I’ve realized that every little bit of it has an effect on the conservation of Squam and its watershed. ...
  • Two months in and this internship seems like it has only been a moment. It has all been one moment, frozen in time. I have been told that this single moment is coming to an end though, a rumor that there is only one month left until we return to the realm of the real world...
  • Fifteen Ways to Get Extremely Attached to Your Job at the SLA
  • A friend once told me that the key to finding happiness in life lies in the way you perceive the things that you do and the things that happen to you. ...
  • Dear Future Interns, You may be wondering what really to expect when you come to Squam for the summer....
  • Today happened to be one of the most exciting and rewarding days that I have spent as an intern for SLA for a number of reasons. It started bright and early at 7 am...
  • I want to share about the best day I've had here so far. It does not pertain to our job here specifically, but to the place and the people here on Squam...
  • Wow! It is already half way through the summer. The Squam experience has so far been everything I had hoped and more....
  • Little Squam Loon
    Wow! Wonderful Loon News!
  • This past Friday, all of the interns, and some of the SLA staff attended the New Hampshire Lakes Congress. Here we learned a lot about the impacts that aquatic invasive species have on bodies of water all over New Hampshire. It was an eye-opening experience overall just to hear the horror stories of variable milfoil, curly-leaf pondweed, and other invasive nuisances...
  • Sitting on the edge of Millie, I go through the mental checklist etched into my mind. my wet suit, boots and hood wrap my body like a second skin. I have blue flippers on my feet, an inflatable vest around my chest with an air tank strapped to my back...
  • Join Conservation intern Ian Smith for a day of fly fishing on Squam. There's a 2 hour intro session at 10am followed by FREE kayak rentals too get out there and test out your new skills!
  • Little Squam Loon
    It has been a busy and good week for the loons on the Squam Lakes!
  • sailing squam lake association
    Start the day off with an instructional understanding of sailing including safety, rigging and basic racing skills. Then head out onto the lake and let the wind guide your adventure!
  • In the mornings when I come back from a night of camping on the islands, around 7am, I pass the interns who are just leaving to go dive for the day...
  • Check out the initial data from Squam's 35th water quality monitoring season.
  • SLA sailing squam
    Mark your calendars! Wednesday nights are community sailing nights on Squam. Both seasoned pros and complete beginners are welcome. What a great way to learn the craft!
  • Today I went on my first milfoil removal dive. Thinking of the situation that we face with milfoil on Squam reminds of a story that I heard during my time in Panama...
  • squam lakes association big bass
    More and more folks are plying Squam's waters in search of the big one! The Squam Lakes Association is working in partnership with NH Fish and Game to find ways to ensure the contiued protection of this high quality fishery, as well as protecting high quality experiences for all.
  • Squaw Cove Loons
    Good news! Another pair of loons went on the nest on Big Squam this week!
  • Moving half way across the country to pursue my goals in the natural resources field was not easy, but Squam Lake has quickly become a home away from home...
  • Hone your rock climbing skills in the SLA barn!
  • Today marks our last day of training, and I could not be more excited to working and get into the swing of things.
  • Lichens from wikipedia commons
    Join SCI Field Martin in his quest to understand the mysterious lichen and their role in the ecosystem....
  • resurfaced Chamberlain lot
    You can't park at the main Chamberlain lot for the next few days, but the smooth parking will be worth the wait!
  • Heron Cove Loon Nest
    It's been a very busy week for the loons on Squam, with a mixture of good news and bad news.
  • So far the Squam Lakes have served as a breathtaking adventure for both me and my group.
  • Aquatic Ecology with Campus Club
    Join the Squam Lakes Association on Friday, June 13 from 10am - 12pm for the first Adventure Ecology trip of the summer. The SLA's Director of Conservation Rebecca Hanson, along with Conservation Intern Emily Gross, will lead participants on a morning paddle and a discussion of aquatic ecology and the impacts of invasive aquatic species.
  • as I sit here reflecting back on the first two weeks spent as an SLA intern, it is now safe to say that all of my previous anxieties have been assuaged.
  • Loon on Squam Lake
    After the long winter, the loons are ready for the summer to get going!
  • squam lake pancake breakfast
    Let's get this summer started with SLA's Spring Pancake Breakfast! The days are longer and the lake is calling. Kick off your summer and reunite with the SLA. Stop in for a delicious breakfast by the lake, take a kayak out for a spin and see whats new with your friends at the SLA!
  • sitting bear
    NH Fish and Game outlines current problems facing this magnificent creature. Learn the few simple things many people are doing to protect the bears in the grante state.
  • piper cove squam lake
    Here's the proof April in Piper Cove in 15 seconds
  • bittersweet removal squam
    Help remove terrestrial invasive species from the Squam Watershed!
  • Plymouth State University graduate students investigate land use planning in the Squam Watershed.
  • Are the rugged moutains of California calling you....?
  • Fly Fishing Basics
    Learn the basics of Fly Fishing and tying!
  • Join the SLA and for a day of traditional Maple Sugaring at the White's Forest Farm in beautiful Sandwich NH!
  • ice harvest squam
    For well over 100 years folks have been carving out 120lbs blocks of ice our of Squam Lakes for year-round refrigeration
  • NH Department of Environmental Services is seeking the help of anglers statewide to update statewide fish consumption advisories for mercury.
  • Dock in frozen lake
    Considering using a de-icer this year? Before you do make sure to consider the safety, environmental and legal issues involved.
  • Brian Gagnon Sandwich Wilderness
    The SLA is delighted to welcome Brian Gagnon to the staff as our new Volunteer and Communications Coordinator.
  • Participate in a discussion about past, present, and future land use issues in your community and the Squam Lakes Watershed.
  • Apply for a great summer internship on Squam!
  • Interns
    End of Season Paddle Board Sale
  • PSU Graduate to Defend Thesis on Squam Study Wednesday, November 20th
    PSU graduate student Andrew Veilleux will defend his thesis - Recreational Knowledge, Concern and Behavior for a Resource: A Spatial Descriptive Anaylsi of Squam Lakes using public participation GIS on Wednesday, November 20th at 1:30 pm at PSU Frost Commons.
  • Outdoor Nation on Squam
    What do PSU and PES have in common!?
  • Results are in!
    The 2013 Squam Ridge race was a huge success. Thanks to all of our sponsors and participants.
  • Squam Ridge Race, Sunday, September 22, 2013
    2013 Squam Ridge Race Results up now
  • True Farm history
    Join us on Thursday, September 12th at 7 pm for the Squam Speaker Series.
  • Thank you, SLA volunteers!
    Last Friday, SLA staff, board members, and volunteers gathered out on Bowman Island to enjoy an afternoon on the lake and celebrate the end of a successful program season.
  • arsenic map nh
    Come by the SLA for handouts from our recent Arsenic and Radon talk
  • stretching loon chick
    This year on Squam we have only one surviving loon chick. Likewise Little Squam has only one remaining chick. Two total chicks for the two largest of the Squam Lakes.
  • glass of water
    The SLA in partnership with The Holderness Conservation Commission will be holding an evening session at SLA on Wednesday 21st of August at 7pm at the SLA. The program will explore the safety of our drinking water and will cover how we in New Hampshire get our drinking water and some of the things that might be in the water.
  • white pine
    Join this Thursday, August 15th at 7 pm for the Squam Speaker Series: White Pine Health.
  • Loon resting on water
    Loon Update from Tiffany Grade of the LPC!
  • Loon resting on water
    Loon Update from Tiffany Grade of the LPC!
  • The Squams from the air
    Join us for a day of fun at our first annual I Love Squam Day. Annual meeting in the morning, and the rest of the day given over to all the things that make this such an inspiring place.
  • SLA offers adult sailing series this summer.
    Drop in at the SLA every Wednesday from 4:30 - 6:30 pm through August for supervised adult sailing sessions!
  • Learn about upland invasive species in New Hampshire Wednesday, July 10 at 7 pm.
  • Loon resting on water
    Loon Update from Tiffany Grade of the LPC!
  • CJ's race on Squam
    Regional Lightnig Regatta this weekend- awesome fun but congested boat ramp expected!
  • Families learn to flyfish
    July 4th is almost upon us, join us that week at the SLA where we have a different programs each day for families to enjoy Squam!
  • Loon resting on water
    Loon Update from Tiffany Grade of the LPC!
  • Loon resting on water
    Loon Update from Tiffany Grade of the LPC!
  • View of Squam Lakes
    Join us for an opportunity to share your love and concerns for our Squam Lakes!
  • Loon resting on water
    The first Loon Update of the summer from Tiffany Grade of the LPC!
  • loon bill SB 89 up for vote in NH tomorrow
  • Get involved in the SLA's invasive species management efforts!
  • SLA kicks off summer with annual Pancake Breakfast, Saturday, May 25 from 9 - 11 AM
    The SLA kicks off the summer season on Saturday, May 25th with annual pancake breakfast, barn dance, and more!
  • Loon Chick Watch volunteer program re-established on Squam Lake for 2013.
    The SLA and Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) are working to re-establish a Loon Chick Watch volunter program on Squam.
  • Loon
    Action update from the Loon Preservation Committee: Loon Bill (SB 89) Faces Crucial House Hearing Next Week
  • Plymouth State University, the Center for the Environment and the Squam Lakes Association working together to protect and improve the health of the Squam Lakes Watershed ecosystem.
  • Visit our employment page to find our current position openings.
    The Squam Lakes Association hires a vibrant and well-qualified staff. We are now accepting applications for JSLA and Resource Center staff.
  • Loki Clan Wolf Refuge will be presenting at the SLA on April 11, 2013
    Join the SLA on Thursday, April 11, at 7 PM for our the Squam Speaker Series: Wolves. Myrtle Clapp from the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge will present a program about wolves, why they are important to the natureal ecology of our world. We will also learn about the work and mission of the Loki Cland Wolf Refuge in Conway, NH.
  • The overall goal of Justin Brigham's study is to learn more about male smallmouth spawning behavior, and its interactions with recreational fishing. Information gained from this work could ultimately be used to educate anglers on proper protocol when catching spawning bass which may help reduce the likelihood of nest abandonment.
  • Camp canoes launching from beach
    Registration for 2013 summer camps is now open. Use links in this news item to register online!
  • SLA and Valley Snow Dogz Mushing on Squam Lake
    check out the pictures and video from taken from the lake.
  • Squam Speaker Series: Snow Ranger and Avalanche Awareness
    Join the SLA on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 7 PM for the Squam Speaker Series: Snow Rangers and Avalanche Awareness
  • Ice Fishing image
    From NH F&G: a one-day program where women can learn outdoor skills to enjoy during the winter months.
  • row boat
    The SLA is selling: 2 Kayaks, 1 Mirro-craft Aluminum row boat.
  • SLA photo contest Winner
    The Results are in! check out this years winners.
  • SLA to host week-long boat building workshop August 19-25, 2013.
    Don't miss the opportunity to build your own Fox Double Paddle Canoe, August 19th - 25th! Registration for this workshop closes on Wednesday, August 14th and only two spaces remain!
  • Moon Island History
    Join the SLA this Thursday, June 13th at 7 PM for an evening program on the history of Moon Iland. Local Squam resident and Antioch New England Graduate student, Dan Kemp will present the program.
  • Squam Rangers - hike the trails!
    Congratulations to the Squam Rangers who recently completed the program - that's 26 trails and 50 miles!
  • Loon on Squam
    Surviving chicks continue to do well! Last regular report of the season.
  • Loon on Squam
    The loon chicks on Squam have survived another week! The Little Squam chick is growing fast, and the chicks on Squam Lake are already starting to molt out of their down and into their contour (i.e., "regular") feathers. It's exciting to watch them grow through the various stages!
  • You've seen the weekly Loon updates, come to the SLA Fisher Barn on August 15th to hear an in depth talk about these amazing birds!
  • sailboat race under spinnaker
    In a “spirited and fun competition”, the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) will hold its annual “Around the Lake Sailing Race” on Sunday, August 3rd. Starting at 2:00 PM and ending at 4:00 PM. The Around the Lake Sailing Race is open to all types of sailboats.
  • Loon on Squam
    I am thrilled to report that all of our chicks are still with us! There was a scare this past week when one of the families was battling with another pair of loons for several days and the chick was not being seen.
  • Loon on Squam
    All three of our chicks are still doing very well!
  • Check out our summer line-up of interesting speakers!
  • JSLA week one logo by campers
    Welcome to the new website!
  • loon on nest
    The persistence of the Little Squam pair paid off and they hatched one chick!
  • loon and chick
    In a very exciting development, the loon pair in Squaw Cove has gone on the nest!
  • Loon and Chick
    It was another busy week on the Lakes. The great news is that two nests on Squam Lake hatched one chick each.
  • Squam Lakes Photo Contest
    With a nod to centuries of art on Squam, the SLA is pleased to host our first photography contest.