Lakes Region Conservation Corps Education

Guide/Education Days- Lakes Region Conservation Corps (Squam Lakes Association)

AmeriCorps members are involved in our environmental education programs. Every week one of our members runs an Adventure Ecology program. These included guided hikes, walks, and discussions during which participants are taught about the ecology of the area and how they can get involved in the SLA's conservation efforts. Members are encouraged to spearhead the program planning process from developing materials for the program to writing press releases that promote the event to the community. Past Adventure Ecology topics include cloud gazing, lichens, fly fishing, art and ecology, and aquatic species identification.

The winter and spring months are a wonderful time for AmeriCorps members to expand the SLA's educational facilities. Members can craft new interpretive resources for the SLA headquarters building that are engaging and educational for visitors. Time is also spent doing outreach programs at local schools and community events in order to expand the community's knowledge of conservation in the Squam watershed and beyond. Lakes Region Conservation Corps  members also plan and run school group visits where students might learn about lake ecology or participate in a service project such as building trail bridges. 

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