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LakeSmart on Squam

LakeSmart is a free, non-regulatory, and voluntary education and recognition program. The goal is to encourage property owners to maintain their homes and property in ways that protect lake water quality, wildlife habitat, and property values.


Why should you become LakeSmart?

What happens on your property affects the lake—whether you live along it or miles from it. LakeSmart properties create clean, clear, and healthy water, recreational opportunities, higher property values, and better habitat for wildlife. You can inspire others to make lake-friendly living a way of life in Squam, Little Squam and White Oak Pond.


How to become LakeSmart

Take NH Lake’s 15-minute online self-assessment survey. Your answers are confidential, and you will receive a personalized follow-up report with tips you need to earn the LakeSmart Award.



Make Lake-Friendly Updates

Your personalized follow-up report will be full of lake-friendly tips and ideas for your property. LakeSmart properties are both beautiful and functional.


Request a Site Visit

Once your updates are complete, you can request a free and confidential visit from SLA. Visits take approximately one hour. 


Show off your LakeSmart Award!

When you receive the LakeSmart Award, show it to family, friends, and neighbors to encourage participation!