Squam Speaker Series: The Hubble Reef - Cohabitation Among the Waves of Squam Lake - Screening and Q&A

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Our Squam Speaker Series is held throughout the year on Wednesday evenings. Join us for this month's virtual talk on Wednesday, May 26th to dive beneath the waters of Squam and explore Hubble Reef! We will explore the Hubble Reef, a spectacle of life on Squam Lake, through a screening of Ethan Soule’s premiere mini documentary. Ethan will discuss the wildlife featured, the process of creating this film, and the benefits of cohabitation.

Description of the Film:
Among the waves of Squam Lake exists the Hubble Reef, a diverse ecosystem of fish, birds, dragonflies, mink, and humans alike. Every year in early summer the reef bursts with activity as the local fish enter their mating season. Their behaviors, rituals, and challenges shape their future as they try to provide for their offspring. The humans who call the lake home live among all this activity, but it is often easy to miss, hidden just below the surface. We are not living in the fishes' world and they are not living in ours, we are sharing the one world we cohabitate.


Filmmaker’s Statement:
Hubble Island and the freshwater reef that surrounds it has been deeply formative in my love and appreciation for wildlife. It is here that I have returned throughout my life and learned that there is no tangible separation between humanity and the rest of the natural world. This film aims to highlight a vibrant ecosystem home to both humans and wildlife alike. I spent three years filming underwater coming back each June to film the mating rituals of the fish and pulled additional footage from over a decade of visits. I share and educate about these animals so the viewer may see an example that just beside them there is great complexity and beauty in the wildlife that they may often overlook. If you wish to effectively work to preserve something you must do so not out of guilt but out of love. I created this work to spread that love for the ecosystems that surround us.


About the Speaker:
Ethan Soule is a filmmaker based out of Long Island, New York. He grew up in Concord, New Hampshire and graduated from Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography in 2015. Ethan currently works full time as a Marketing Video Producer for a software company. In his free time, he works as a freelance videographer, a wildlife photographer, and a filmmaker. Ethan has produced, directed, directed photography, and colored many short films across many subjects and genres. One short film has been included as part of an installation in the Mumok Museum of Modern Art in Vienna. The Hubble Reef is his first documentary which will be featured in the Nature Without Borders International Film Festival. Ethan plans to create more documentaries focusing on cohabitation and more narrative films shot on Squam Lake in his future work. To view these works please visit https://www.ethansoule.com

This is a free event brought to you by Squam Lakes Association, Squam Lakes Conservation Society, and Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

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