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Boat Launch

The Squam Lakes Association headquarters- located at 534 US Route 3, Holderness, New Hampshire- has trailer boat launch and canoe/kayak/paddle board launch

Important Boat Launch Information  / 

Horsepower Limitation: There is a 25 HP maximum limit for boats launching from the SLA. No boats over 25 HP can launch at the SLA. Please launch boats over 25 HP and park trailers for boats over 25HP at the Route 113 boat launch in Holderness, NH. Campers with the SLA with boats over 25HP must launch at the Route 113 boat launch, but can park the trailer in the SLA field.

Canoe/Kayak/Paddleboard Launch Location: Please launch and retrieve your boat from the soft launch located first on the roundabout as you pull your car through. The trailer boat launch should only be used by boats on trailers. Please pull into the provided 5-minute parking spaces to unload your boat so you are not blocking the roundabout.

Parking: Parking for cars and trailers is in the field to the right of SLA’s building as you turn off Route 3. You can drive your boat down to the boat launch, which is located to the left of SLA’s building when facing the building from Route 3. Please limit the time your vehicle is in the boat launch area to five minutes.

Fee: There is a $5 parking fee for non-members of the Squam Lakes Association. The fee can either be paid at the SLA’s front desk (9AM-5PM) or in the SLA dropbox located at the front of the building. Click here to become a member for free parking, discounted campsite/boat rentals, and to support watershed conservation!

Hours: The boat launch is open dawn to dusk. The SLA's building is open 9-5PM daily.

Restrooms: There are restrooms located on the waterfront side of SLA's building that are open outside of business hours.

Private Land: Most of the land on Squam Lake is privately owned. Please respect private landowners’ property by only docking on public lands.

Public Lands: Moon Island, Bowman Island, Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest, and Five Finger Point are the four properties that are open for public use. Click here to view a map of Squam Lake. Lake charts that include navigation buoys are available for purchase during SLA's business hours and at many local Holderness businesses.

Speed: The SLA’s cove is a ‘No Wake’ zone. Please go slowly through the cove and maintain a slow speed until you are at minimum of 300 feet from the shoreline outside of the cove to reduce impact on the surrounding shoreline, wildlife, and other boaters.

Sound: Please note that sound carries on water. Keep your volume to a reasonable level to reduce disturbance of other people enjoying the lake and the surrounding wildlife.

Wildlife: The SLA’s cove and all of Squam Lake has an abundance of aquatic or semi-aquatic wildlife including loons, eagles, otters, beavers, wood ducks, mink, and more! Please avoid disturbing wildlife. If you see a loon or other waterfowl on the lake please keep a distance of over 150 feet. Canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards can be just as stressful to loons as a powerboat when in close proximity.