Bass and Tournament Fishing on Squam

Bass Fishing on Squam

Bass fishing has really taken off over the last decade. The Squam Lakes has seen a rising interest in the bass population and frequently holds many tournaments per season. There are a number of things we can do to help protect the resource while still enjoying the fish.

Catch and Release
Practicing a catch when fishing is a great way to ensure that lunker will swim on to reproduce and perhaps someone else will have the chance to land the big one! Below is a link to a great catch and release video that details proper catch and release methods to ensure as little damage is done to the fish as possible.   

Click Here for the catch and release video

Tournaments on Squam
If you’re planning on visiting Squam this season it might be a good idea to look ahead so you’ll know what to expect. Only one bass fishing tournament is allowed per day on the lake. The SLA held one quiet recreation style bass tournament this season. If you'd like to learn more about SLA's bass tournaments Click Here!

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Click here for more info on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Open Water Tournament Schedule

Radio Tag Study: Tracking Bass Movement in the Squam Lakes

Many bass tournaments require that competing anglers bring their largest bass back to the “weigh-in” at the conclusion of the tournament day. This is where the bass are measured and the winners are decided. There existed some concern that by catching a bass somewhere in Big Squam and releasing it in Little Squam, after the weigh in, the bass would not return from where it was caught or even die as a result. A study was conducted to track bass movement so that managers would better understand this question. 

Click Here to learn about the Radio Tag Study and what was found.

Check out this video It shows how Fish ad Game biologists are tagging the bass!

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